I Know What You Did Last Summer: (Full Season)
March 3, 2022 4:51 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A bunch of teens do something one summer. Later, somebody knows what they did, and finds a variety of creative ways to express their disappointment with the previous summer's activities.

"Adapted" from the Lois Duncan novel, and about as faithfully as the 1997 movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, which is to say it shares a title and the fact that somebody knows what somebody else did last summer.

Five high-school friends -- one a twin -- kill the other twin after a drunken graduation party, but it turns out the twins were mistaken, so the living twin -- Alison -- adopts the identity of the dead twin -- Lennon -- for not entirely clear reasons and goes to college. When she comes back the next summer, a mysterious killer starts working through the friend group like a thresher, tossing one poorly constructed stereotype after another through the meat grinder.
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Astonishingly vapid, cynically saturated with tweenspeak (every third word is 'sus' or 'tea' or 'merc') and a bumpin' soundtrack, completely pointlessly set in Hawaii. Everyone is on drugs and/or a secret cult member, and horrible to the point that not even the B-Ark to Golgafrinchan would want 'em.

The plot makes no real sense, and is mostly (not really) explained during the end credits of the last episode. There's honey and Alaskan brain spiders.

Everybody's having sex, even the hot dad.

It walks right up to the threshold of completely bonkers but never quite seems to spike the ball.

Still, I kinda liked it? It's the 2021/22 equivalent of a show like Blue Thunder, where somebody saw Airwolf and had a bucket of cocaine and thought "can't be that hard."

The great revelation for me was that I never, ever thought in my life I'd ever remotely conceive of such a thing as a "Keanu Reeves School of Acting," but along came Bill Heck as "Bruce", the sexy sexdad, and hot dang if he hasn't totally mastered that halting, languid, "thinking is... hard?..." voice.
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Also, this is my first time in Fanfare adding a new show, so I screwed up the "season/episode" -- this is meant to be a full-season discussion.
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A+++ synopsis [golf clap]
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Yeah, great synopsis. Also, I'd completely forgotten that there was a Blue Thunder TV series, which I never watched and which co-starred Dana Carvey before his SNL run. The movie was great, even if it had a skeevy yep-this-was-filmed-in-the-eighties scene in which Roy Scheider and Daniel Stern peep in on a woman doing naked yoga in her high-rise apartment, because what else are you going to do with your super-secret, super-expensive stealth helicopter? Maybe I should just do a Blue Thunder post.
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Okay, so I went to the Wikipedia entry for clarity about anything about the plot of this show...and well, if you scroll down to the character/cast list section, it is wonderfully maddeningly obtuse. It sounds like anyone who watched this show didn't know what the fuck was going on.
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