The Librarians: And the Heart of Darkness
January 11, 2015 7:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The librarians encounter the house behind the legend of all haunted houses and set out to destroy it.
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Cassie's character arc has been so disjointed by the episode order shuffle, this one would have made a lot more sense if it had aired in the first half. Or even at least putting this one ahead of the STEM Fair - going from happy Cassie in a functioning team to miserable Cassie in a dysfunctional team was jarring.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:33 AM on January 12, 2015

So you protested by putting it even later in the numbering? ;)
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Cassandra is the absolute worst. I cringe every time she's in a scene. Who does her wardrobe? Because wtf?
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The show is definitely coming together better as the season goes along, but the episode-reordering is kinda mangling the character arcs. It's like TNT is trying to sabotage them.

Cassandra's wardrobe seems like it's pulling from the same box of tropes as Willow's wardrobe from the early seasons of Buffy; sort of an odd shorthand for young-ish nerdy woman.
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I like Cassandra. She's doomed and knows it.
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Cassandra's wardrobe is baffling. It's like they're going for a 'quirky nerd girl/too brainy for fashion' look, but with a Network directive of 'make it look sexy too', and we end up with these bizarre what-the-fug tights & mini-skirt (skort?) combos. The only nice outfit she's had so far was the Prince Charming suit.
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Yeah I have to admit I find Cassandra's wardrobe beyond baffling. What I find more baffling is no one commenting on it. Like smart ass Ezekiel wouldn't say ANYTHING about how she is dressed.
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I liked the episode and heck, I continue to like Cassandra, even if the "Cassandra, stay in the car, it's too dangerous for you and maths" was dropped unnecessarily too much in this episode.

I got a kick out of the fact that the writers hit upon the Binder family for the origin behind the villain (Kate). The story presented wasn't necessarily the most accurate, but it was close'ish to the truth to not have me leap from my couch in outrage (okay, if I cared that much, I wouldn't be watching this show or Sleepy Hollow).

As for her wardrobe. Yeah, well, yeah......well.
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I liked how Katie first mentioned her friends Blah, Blah, and Tobias, and later mentioned Blah, Blah, and Mathias. That really bothered me until the Big Reveal and then I thought it was a nice touch. The -ias similarity in the names made it easy to miss.

And totally agree that these should have been aired in order.
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From the Rule of Three question and answer:
@MacSTL: What direction was Critter given for Cassandra? I find her costuming... unrealistic for well, anyone. Everyone else seems true to character. But of am often doing a 'WTF is she wearing!!!

The clothing already exists. Someone must wear it. In this universe, Cassandra does.
Not quite an acknowledgment of "dude, some on" but We Are Not Alone.
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I liked that the evil haunted house was actually a happy magic house that grants wishes, at least until serial killers found it. If I were a Librarian I would darn sure I was in charge of it and made sure only nice people got to stay in it. I liked how Cassandra made friends with it and enjoyed her "I'm already an angel of death" (or whatever) speech. I do think it was a bit unreasonable to expect that Eve would be pitching her into direct danger on a Bad Tumor Day, though. Come on.

As for the wardrobe: it drives me nuts that she is wearing tiny tiny bottoms in every episode (and in one episode just stripped down to bra, shorts and...tights under the shorts?) as well. In the minotaur episode I kept thinking she was in a scrunched up miniskirt until she climbed on Tricia Helfer's back and it turned out to be tiny shorts. So weird.

That is quite an answer to that wardrobe question.
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