Song Exploder: Ghostface Killah - The Battlefield
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In November 2014, Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan released his 11th album, called 36 Seasons.

"A lot of people worked on it: soul band The Revelations served as a kind of house backing band for the whole thing. Lil' Fame from M.O.P. and engineer Daniel Schlett helped produce, and there's a host of guest vocalists, including the ones on this track: singer Tré Williams, and rappers AZ and Kool G Rap. But the person who put the whole thing together, came up with the idea, and corralled all of these contributors is someone who doesn't appear on the record. His name is Bob Perry, and his title is A&R, which stands for artist and repertoire. Nowadays, that usually means the person at a record label who acts as a talent scout for new artists, but back in the day, the A&R reps were often responsible for much more. In this episode, Bob Perry talks about how the Ghostface song "The Battlefield" came together, and Revelations guitarist Wes Mingus breaks down how the beat was assembled."
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This was one of my favorite eps of this show ever. I really had no idea about the backstory to this record, only that it was GFKs best shit in a decade. More comeback records should be made like this, with a visionary A&R person putting together just the right elements for a reinvention to work.
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