The Seed (2021)
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When three young women head out to an isolated house in the Mojave to observe a once in a lifetime meteor shower, a strange creature lands in their pool.
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This is a fun film if you're ok with body horror (and I mean A LOT of body horror). Are there huge glaring plot holes? You betcha. Does that make me enjoy it less? No.

This film reminds me of a bunch of different films from Night of the Meteor to Society to Slither to the Untamed. Identifying these references is part of the fun. Nothing is surprising, but it's entertaining to see winks and nods to these movies and watch how the director gives them a contemporary spin.

Having said that, it could have been a better film, but still I was definitely entertained the entire time. The weakest part here is the "social commentary" about influencer culture. My advice is to just enjoy the stinking tentacled world dominating sex alien for what it is-silly.
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And as always I forgot: now streaming on shudder.
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I ended up watching this over three nights while eating because it didn't really hold my attention. The American accents by the British cast were pretty good though, except maybe Brett, the worlds oldest 15 year old.
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"I think God took a shit in your pool, Heather."
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This reminded me of Society which, wow, not a reference that comes up much.
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Brett, the worlds oldest 15 year old

The film was shot in Malta in 2020. The actor who played Brett was Jamie Wittebrood.

Here's a birth announcement for a Jamie Wittebrood in Malta from 2005. So he would've been 15 at the time of shooting.

Teenage boys are maybe just bigger than it feels like they ought to be anymore.
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