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I loved this season, with the caveat that the ending felt a little...abrupt? It felt like they got cut short a bit, though they haven't said that in interviews.

This season gave some of the supporting characters a lot more to do. Allegra Edwards, who plays Ingrid, did an amazing job of going from being almost a parody of a certain type of person to really, really showing her vulnerability and sadness. She and Andy Allo (and Owen Daniels) did a great job with "looks like one character, is actually a different character" segments; they nailed things like body language and voice. Zainab Johnson, who plays Aleesha, also got to show a lot more range. And what her character is going through is something a lot of Americans can identify with. And Kevin Bigley (Luke) is amazing at playing weirdos with hearts of gold. (He played a very different kind of weirdo in Sirens.) I'm also enjoying seeing William B Davis playing for laughs. He seems positively gleeful. (None of this is to diss Robbie Amell or Andy Allo, who are both doing good things too. But Amell in particular has a bit more of a limited range of things to do than everyone else.)

But a special shout-out goes to Owen Daniels - who is also the story editor. He managed to play at least eight variations on a character, PLUS a separate character, PLUS play another member of the cast, PLUS show us that the AI is evolving. I want to see him in more things.

Speaking of the AI...what I most want a S3 for is in order to see how exactly the AI is changing. It sure seems to be developing self-awareness to me. That could be interesting. And dangerous. I also want to know what exactly Hiro Kanagawa is investigating. That's another thing that makes me think they had more in the pipe for S2 that they weren't able to execute - leaving him on the table seems like a pretty big deal. (Also, Hiro Kanagawa said in an interview that there was an episode prominently featuring his character that would have been episode 8, but it was cut.)

I am curious about the actor that they couldn't get for S3 that they had to deepfake. I'm betting it was Ingrid's dad.
posted by rednikki at 12:36 PM on March 27, 2022

We’re two episodes in, and it hasn’t quite clicked for us yet. The first episode left us feeling as if we somehow hadn’t seen all of s1, yet we had. And, man, can they throw any more moving pieces in the mix?
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I think the AI is probably the most interesting character in the show.
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I also want to know what exactly Hiro Kanagawa is investigating.

He's investigating the guy who was found splattered all over the elevator, and was looking at the footage of Nora being chased into the building.

I really loved this a lot although it bugs me a bit how exasperated Aleesha is by Luke when actually the power dynamic between them is skewed entirely in her favor (I mean, she is alive & he's zeros & ones). I wish the angels were getting some sort of sensitivity training - but on the other hand if a service like this really existed of course you as a client would be completely at the mercy of your overworked, underpaid, untrained & unhappy "angels". The show does a great job of showing us what a nightmare this entire world is that we're creating for ourselves.
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I thought S2 was good, but it really felt like they only released half the season.
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Well - I like S01, am about three episodes into S02 - not as strong, but still good.

I find it juicily ironic that this is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive... I mean, if Amazon isn't going to be the rentier class monetization extraction engine for post-singularity uploads in the future, who could it possibly be?
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This season was so fun! I loved Aleesha's character, so relatable.
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Yeah, it felt like they realized they had to actually come back to the Kannerman and Freeyond plot at the 11th hour, after spending all day with the Ludds and Nathan and Ingrid's relationship. Still, it's an easy watch. It might be better if it were an hour long, so they could so a comedy A plot and a ethics-of-uploading-and-etc B plot?
posted by Kyol at 8:57 AM on August 13, 2022

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