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Slow Horses follows a team of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping ground department of MI5 – Slough House....
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Hunh, I read all the books last year and didn't know they were being adapted. Kirsten Scott Thomas is well cast. Jack Lowden and Gary Goldman, too. Did I see Johnathan Pryce? I'm eager to see how they play out. I got a little bored with the books' formula after a while but they were rollicking good fun to read.
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It looks good! I've been waiting for a series because I liked the premise and the characters, but didn't like the writing style.
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I've lost track of the books since they have to be read in order and the library is perpetually wait listed. So now I've forgotten who's up, who's down and who's still alive. Casting KST as Lady Di though, 😙👌
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Fanfare page for the book
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Just watched this episode and here are some scattered initial impressions.

Not that it looks good by any means, but the interior of Slough House, Lamb's office in particular, looks much better as depicted here than in my imagination (I was already familiar with the real-world exterior having searched for it after reading the first book or two).

Even if I hadn't already known who 'Spider' Webb was, I would have instantly disliked/distrusted him for wearing a belt and braces in the opening scene.

He only appeared briefly, but I imagine it would have been too on the nose for Peter Judd to remain the palette-swapped BoJo that he was in the novels, at least insofar as appearance.

It was fun to see Lamb's incongruous stealthiness depicted on screen.
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High powered cast.

"Moscow rules, watch your back. London rules, cover your arse."

Freddie Fox/ Spider Webb certainly has one of those backpfeifengesicht upper crusty British faces.
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Oldman is so very good in this. I've always been a fan; but here in every scene he's in, I can't take my eyes off of him.

This show really hits the spot for me.
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I love the interior of Slough House, which I was never quite able to figure out on my own. They got the creaking stairs just right. Katherine is cast perfectly, and so is Lady Di.
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I rewatched the first five minutes, and Webb did get the shirt / tee combination wrong the first time round.
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I noticed that, too. I don't have the book on hand, but isn't it unclear whose fault that is?
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In the book sample, the situation was covered but unclear.
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I really like the books, and have always thought they are incredibly filmable. The downside to this is that I also have fairly strong opinions in my head as to what various characters look like, and while I've come around to Gary Oldman, some of the rest of the casting is just slightly tweaked enough from my head (Ho, Standish etc) that it feels a bit uncanny valley-ish.

I do think if I'd have never read the books, I'd have really enjoyed this, whereas I'm a bit in the "this is a pretty faithful adaptation of a thing I love and can remember well" territory. I'll watch the rest of it, but ultimately it sort of reminds me why I tend to avoid adaptations of stuff I have already read.
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oh god, I love this. Slough House is exactly as I pictured. The casting is great; it’s been some time since I read the book so I don’t know if the characters line up exactly but they’re very solid. I am so enjoying watching this.
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Not sure if this is the place to ask but, after the series ends, is there a book in the series that I shoud start with? I've had the books in a reading list but never started.

I'm not sure if so much was shown in the series that I would read a book and go, "Oh, I know how that ends."
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ITravelMontana: l'd ask at the Fanfare post for the book, and fallback on AskMe. The Fanfare posts for the show have been both including books and show-only. (Though I might be wrong, maybe someone has read all the series and is watching.)
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Thank you, this clarifies where to ask.
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ITravelMontana: I would definitely recommend reading the books in order. Although the books are standalone, events have repercussions in future books for some of the characters. The show is a very close adaptation of the first book, so I think you’d be fine just going to the second book in the series, Dead Lions. They’ll be adapting that next, but if you skip to Real Tigers you’ll definitely be spoiled for some of the events in Dead Lions.
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