The Lost City (2022)
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A reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model gets swept up in a kidnapping attempt that lands them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure. Full of 80s adventure movie tropes, a glitter jumpsuit and Daniel Radcliffe proving he is both a silly actor and a serious one.

Also with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum and an appearance by Brad Pitt.

Currently only in cinemas, but expected to be on Paramount+.
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We went to see this last night -- me, Mr. BlahLaLa, and our 18yo kid -- and we all really liked it. It's a hoot, and there were many moments when all three of us were laughing. Well done, and yes I am here for the 57yo leading lady with the male love interest quite a bit younger than her.
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I went to see this at the request of my daughter, and absolutely loved it. Was it predictable? Yes. Did I laugh the whole way through? Also yes. And totally here for Sandra Bullock.
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When the social media assistant called Grandma "slut" I totally lost it. A real genuine generation gap situation.
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This is the only trailer in recent memory that made me want to see a movie I wasn't already going to see. I mean, I'll see just about anything with Sandra Bullock, but still.
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fiercekitten, when the social media assistant called Grandma "slut" and then said, "C'mon, let's talk about whatever war you lived through." hahahaha!
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I both desperately want to see this movie and desperately do not want to go to a movie theatre right now when my city's COVID numbers are way up but our province has lifted capacity limits and masking requirements.

This is like entirely, perfectly and utterly my catnip -- action comedy romance adventure movies! Comparisons to Romancing the Stone! Sandra Bullock!

I'm so glad to hear that people are really liking it now that they are seeing it. I'm hopeful that in a few weeks it will end up at the local second-run theatre which rarely had more than a handful of people in the audience pre-covid so I can see it.
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Can you see it at a drive-in? They just opened our local one for the season last Friday.
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Hardly anyone was at my Sunday 1:45 show, if that helps you any.

This was fun. Very Romancing the Stone. Daniel Radcliffe is obviously having a very good time making his forehead veins bulge out. And Alan is just so darned earnest and sweet, you root for him.
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I went to the theater to see this. It was so sweet! I thought that, on the comedy-adventure axis, RtS leaned more on the adventure side and TLC leaned more on the comedy side.
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It's streaming on Paramount+ now.
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This was very fun. I like that they took so much influence from 80s adventure stories, minus the really problematic stuff. (I'm MENA and can whistle past the barbarian horde nonsense all day if I like the movie enough, but it's nice to not have to!) I was startled -- and delighted -- but the appearance of Brad Pitt. He's in full-comedy mode, which is his best mode (by a wide margin). Really, all the performances were a lot of fun. There's something downright nostalgic about watching Sandra Bullock doing her romcom thing; the whole time she shimmied around the jungle in high heels and that unexpectedly flattering jumpsuit, my hindbrain kept thinking "this is nice. this is so nice."
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There is an end credits scene that resolves the fate of the Brad Pitt character.
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Note - it's also available on EPIX On Demand, if that's your speed as well. Spouse and I watched it last night after I'd mentioned it to her.

Totally fun - totally cheestastical - like someone made a lighter, frothier, smilier Romancing the Stone, which was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

I wonder if Channing Tatum has a dancing clause in his contract or is it just a matter of "well, shit, we've got Channing Tatum - better have him dance"

(Also, "I have resentment issues".. ha!)
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A fun little fluff movie. The social media person calling the grandma "slut" and Beth quickly shaking her head no to warn her off was funny as hell.
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I finally got to see this, having digitally rented it from Google Play. Maybe I would have liked it better in a distraction free theatre but it was a bit disappointing to watch at home where it didn't necessarily hold my interest when competing with my phone. I did like that Allen genuinely likes and supports her, but I didn't like her, really. She is so mean and rude to everyone.

I don't think female characters should always have to be likable but in a romantic comedy they either have to be likable or get some kind of serious redemption arc that makes them better people by the end and she just didn't have that. She sorta is nicer by the end but it didn't feel earned in the script.
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I loved how so many minor characters in this film get fun dialog, like the cabdriver who refuses to take Alan to chase after Loretta because he's learned his shenanigans lesson after picking up a good-looking stranger in the past.

Alan is so so so committed to Loretta's sovereignty. Like the moment when he notices the light in her eyes as she puts the pieces together about the location of the Tomb, and supports her in choosing how to write her story.
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This was really fun! It was meta in a sort of way-- the sequin bodysuit holding together through all that, yet shedding sequins when it was an important plot point. Occasionally I would go 'wait what about--' and they'd actually address it, which was neat.
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