Atlanta: Sinterklaas Is Coming To Town
March 31, 2022 3:53 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Episode 2 rejoins Earn, Paperboy and Darius on tour in Amsterdam, where they get a surprise visitor and have a variety of encounters with the horrors of Dutch jail, a strange group of mourners and a whole lot of Zwarte Piet.
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Back to the familiar story with this one, but tons of funny, strange moments and quick observations. Great to see Vanessa again, and not just portraying the long-suffering partner (Glover says her character will be a big focus this season). That 4am hotel hallway meeting between Van and Earn was so quietly powerful - so much unsaid. Loved the various split adventures and their weird twists - Paperboi's stint in Dutch prison was understated comedy gold and wtf with that death cult Darius and Van got themselves into. Nice to see them bonding slightly.

Also nice was seeing Earn grow into being a manager; I was getting tired of him as a hapless fuckup *all* of the time last season, so seeing a year later that he's handling a solo Paperboi tour just fine (mostly) was a good change. Loved Paperboi and Earn's reactions to the Black Peter stuff. "Feels like Santa's slave, but I respect the rebrand" lol and then finally saying nah, that's enough of that crap.

Another great episode with these fantastic characters, sharp direction and excellent acting. Can't wait to see what this crew comes up with next week.
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Great episode, loved the end.
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I feel like in earlier seasons Earn would have tried to persuade PaperBoi to do the gig anyway. But now it's like he's famous enough to just nope out and Earn can make that be okay. Theres insurance and stuff to cover it.

Also while I'm thinking of it: why does everyone on tv need a bucket of ice when they're staying in a hotel or motel? I've never needed one. Is it an American thing? Or just a plot device so people can accidentally meet?
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