Marvel One-Shot: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer (2011)
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On his way to New Mexico before the events in Thor, agent Phil Coulson stops at a Gas Station - and encounters a crime in progress.

Critical Film Error Spotted.
The Car Agent Coulson is driving is an Acura TL (Sedan). Both the 2011 and 2012 versions have an 18.5 gallon gas tank, yet the pump fills for 18.986 gallons of Premium. Despite saving the day, he still got ripped off.

Well not critical, but - the entire MCU is based on a lie about gas tank sizes.
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That No-Prize is paid off in a deleted scene from Captain Marvel (2019) in which Coulson runs out of gas on the way to the final confrontation and shouts “From now on, I will always modify my car’s tank to fit a half gallon more of gas!”
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I know I can never be Natasha or Thor or Steve or Clint (and I wouldn't want to be Tony, especially comic book Tony), but these one-shots really made me appreciate Phil and come to the conclusion that being Phil-like--quietly competent, calm and capable--are aspirations that are (theoretically) within reach. I'd love it if there were more Phils out there in the world. I think we'd be a whole lot better off than we are now.
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I'm slowly working my way through Agents of SHIELD--I'm about halfway through S2--and even though I'm enjoying it, I kind of miss that early version of Coulson: casual, affable, scarily competent.
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