Julia: Omelette; Coq Au Vin; Boeuf Bourguignon (Episodes 1-3)
April 5, 2022 4:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In 1962, cookbook author Julia Child boldly pitches a groundbreaking television series centered on demonstrations for the home cook--despite pushback from male station executives and her own husband.

Variety - Julia’ Co-Stars David Hyde Pierce and Bebe Neuwirth on ‘The French Chef,’ Friendship and That ‘Frasier’ Revival: "In the HBO Max series “Julia,” celebrity chef Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) has many allies in her quest to bring French cooking to public television. Chief among them are her loving husband Paul (David Hyde Pierce) and her sharp-tongued best friend Avis DeVoto (Bebe Neuwirth). But while the two are deeply loyal towards Julia, any interaction they have with one another is prone to end in argument; in their very first scene, when Avis catches Paul in a white lie about watching Julia’s show earlier that day, Neuwirth delivers her line “She didn’t tell the fucking sole meunière story, Paul” with positively acidic contempt."

NPR.org - Sarah Lancashire becomes master — and teacher — of French cooking as Julia Child

Vulture review - Cozy Up With Julia, a Warm and Welcoming Treat: "Yes, Julia has some flaws, but its good qualities outweigh the missteps. Most importantly, the show feels like the Julia Child it wants to portray: warm, generous, driven, imperfect, charming, and in love with feeling good. If Julia dodges around some rough patches to make that story happen, well, that’s just what Child would do: Even if it came out of the oven a bit wobbly, just put it all together and serve it with confidence."
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As someone who wanted to skip all the Julie scenes of "Julie & Julia", this really hit the spot.
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Sarah Lancashire is one of those actors, like Olivia Colman, that I love everything that she's in. Just a gargantuan talent. She can convey so much with the slightest expression change. I'm so happy that a larger US audience will get to meet her for the first time.
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I don't have anything perceptive or penetrating to say, but I'm enjoying this a lot.

I suppose it is a fairly limited series? As much as I'd like it to spin out imaginatively to Julia's adventures in French Cuisine on Mars, I suppose it's unlikely. More's the pity.
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I really enjoyed this. Is there an obverse Bechdel Test? It was great to watch a show where conversations among men that didn't involve talking about a woman, were hard to find. Great performances all around, particularly loved Fiona Glascott as Judith Jones.
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Absolutely loved this whole show and wish for another 10 seasons
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I found this series to be delightful. Excited for the 2nd season.
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