Derry Girls: Season Three
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Amidst the political conflict of Northern Ireland in the 1990s, five high school students square off with the universal challenges of being a teenager. Season Three trailer.

Guardian review of the first episode. This is on Channel 4 in the UK, streaming on All4, and US and Australian dates have yet to be announced.
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Wow, fantastic, I had no idea there would be a season 3.
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Third and final season.
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Ooh, excellent excuse to rewatch the first two seasons in anticipation! I hope the delay for the US release isn't too long.
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I take it, it is discouraged to discuss or recap until aired in US, despite my bursting at seams to chat about the episode
I will safely say to watch for celebrity cameos and “there is no tape.”
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As a US viewer, I think it is on us to remove this from our activity or otherwise avoid the post until we've watched if we're concerned about spoilers.

It's a discussion thread, please discuss!
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Yeah, please discuss away. A whole season thread is open for discussion of everything that happens in that season. We have this issue in GBBO threads as well.
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Ok everyone this is your discussion spoiler warning to remove from recent activity!
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Liam fucking Neeson! I had totally forgotten he was Northern Irish, so what a perfect cameo.
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Oh yes, did you notice Liam mentioned his home town, Ballymena. Although, in this case it was the hometown of the Jewish fella on the RUC (although tossed in as one of the "3 Catholics.") Yet again the satire is spot on, and hurrah for Uncle Colm to the rescue!.

In episode two, I so love how other characters are given some attention and development
(Ma), and opens up more of the themes about the social changes of that time---which includes Girl Power a la the Spice Girls! Of which the girls (+1)were brilliant, not sure I would have picked that song though. Last thought, did you notice Jenny's minion, Aisling's glance at James?
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He Is Innocent!

Also, I totally had the exact same t-shirt as Gabriel in the mid-90s. I got it as a door prize at a work event.
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Last thought, did you notice Jenny's minion, Aisling's glance at James?

Seeing him in drag showed him in a new light! Their Spice Girls routine was so good, and Aisling had such a nice voice!
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Aisling is so much more talented than Jenny.
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Sister Michael's ongoing hatred of Father Peter gives me so much joy. Also I love how his ponytail has put off all the girls (and James).

Also, Erin's reaction to her mother possibly going back to school was so on-brand for that wee narcissist.
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Yes James!
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Absolutely golden Sister Michael moment.

"Listen, I'm not goig to make excuses for these kids, but life has dealt them a very cruel hand, and they're living with a very serious condition. Truth is, Declan, they're from Derry."

"Oh, God. Well, that's punishment enough, I suppose."
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Aw, won't someone acknowledge James and his near death experience?
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Loved it! Also, time to rewatch The Commitments.
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I love this show. The girls (and wee English fella) felt like friends to me, I will miss them and felt sorry to say goodbye to them but the person I loved the most was Sister Michael, an absolute legend.

Such a beautifully localised and specific look at a place and time. I felt like Derry Girls treads that fine line that exists between comedy and sincerity so deftly, without ever feeling embarrassing or too much. Just a wonderful show.
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This is on Netflix now for the Australian fans. (So slow!)
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Also Canada!
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Yes, season three has now had it’s US and elsewhere release, enjoy everyone!!
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Yeah, just shotgunned the whole of season 3 and the special/finale over two nights, totally worth it. Really should have rewatched the previous two seasons as a lead-in but I know I'll do the whole works again in a few months. So many thoughts but I do hope they've left the door open for a 'Derry Women' catch-up in a couple of years, taking advantage of the actual ages of the lead actors (all now in their late-20s/early 30s) to do a 10-to-20 year time jump. Maybe James follows through on his film-making ambitions and wants to make some sort of 'Children of the Troubles' documentary, with Erin, Clare, Michelle, and Orla of course prominently featured in whatever paths their lives have taken. Though if he just did 90 minutes of interviewing a jadedly patient Sister Michael I'd be more than happy with that.
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Sister Michael is who I want to be when I grow up. That's all.
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Derry Girls’ Siobhán McSweeney Hopes Sister Michael Inspires Anarchy [Vulture / Archive]
Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s Cousin Inspired Erin’s Over-the-Top Derry Girls Reactions [Vulture / Archive]
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Not a one of you has mentioned the only true saint in this show, Da. Grandpa gets redeemed in the end hopping out of the polling place with his granddaughter, but no one remembers, cares about, idolizes the long-suffering Gerry. The sweetest, most patient, kindest character of the lot. And even here he gets a short shrift. *sigh*
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Second-to-last episode broke me.
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Perfect finale. Wow. The montage of all the faces in the voting booth. The Liam Neeson cameos were such a nice touch.

Also I have never seen anyone laugh so hard as my wife did at the first episode. She was completely beside herself.

I actually think Gerry landed very nicely. He's been a punch line and a straight man the whole series, but this season he was also the calm grown-up, without being boring. The way he delivered the news to Clare about her father was really touching, and he had good chemistry with the other Das in the reunion episode.

Truly a perfect show from beginning to end. I'll be thinking about the "Rock The Boat" scene until the end of my days.
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I just watched the whole three series over the past few weeks, and I think episode six with the angels, that was a total masterpiece of a show.

All told, I grew from hating everyone on the show (except Gerry and James) to loving the characters in spite of their sociopathic flaws—and I really didn't want the series to end there. But I guess it makes sense to put a bookmark in it there. I fully agree with Stanczyk: Da Gerry didn't get his props. He was the only bastion of sanity, like a bridge between the fictional world and the audience: can you believe this shite?

And I also would think a "20 years Later" show with the actors' ages matching the characters' would be neat to see, but I'm not holding my breath. Colm once knew a guy who held his breath until he turned blue, but you can ask him about that in your own mind.
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Oh, and Orla's definitely chaotic good, too.
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