The Associate (1996)
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Laurel Ayres is a businesswoman trying to make it but unfortunately she works at an investment firm where she does all the work but all the senior investors like Frank Peterson grab all the credit. She then leaves and starts her own firm. While trying to find clients Laurel pretends that she has a male partner named Robert Cutty.

And when she starts to do well all of her clients want to meet Cutty which is difficult since he doesn't exist.
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Like most of my feel good movies I don’t know where it streams... aye matey
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“I’m gonna perpetrate a great big whammy.” 😁

The feel good tag fits. I don’t care that this was reviewed poorly. It scores highly in the audience of my home theater.
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Remington Steele for investment bankers? Sounds cute.
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This is free on Hoopla or for digital rental in most of the usual places.
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Yes sounds like a modern Remington Steele remake (not that there's anything wrong with that)
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I looked at some trailers for Remington Steele and I get the comparison. The Associate has less (actually none?) romance. More drag queens. And Diane wiest! And Bebe Neuwirth! And Tim Daly who’ve I’ve had a crush on since my first episode of wings!

I do want to watch Remington Steele now though
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I do want to watch Remington Steele now though

This is the correct response, and would be even if one was never a young girl watching the show with her mother and having her romantic tastes profoundly influenced for all mind.
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