Gentleman Jack: Two Jacks Don't Suit
April 22, 2022 5:55 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

In France, Ann Walker is shocked by details about Anne Lister's complicated relationship with Mariana Lawton.
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I love how much Ann is finding her own way in this episode. I do credit Anne for giving her that confidence and strength, but I like that she's realizing she's her own person and she has power too.

Suranne Jones is so amazing that I feel like I often ignore just how good Sophie Rundle is here. Rundle brings such strength to Ann as a woman who no one has taken seriously. I really hope to see this character continue to grow as this season progresses.

(Jones is amazing, though, let's be honest. I love her.)

I also like how "out" Anne is. It's not some huge secret. Yes, it's still an issue for a lot of people but she's not hiding anything. Most people know who she is because she's just being who she is.

I love this show. I have missed it so much.
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Yeah I really appreciated how much Sophie Rundle is visibly portraying the difference between someone who is happy, fulfilled & in control vs someone who has none of those things, to highlight the cruel absurdity of her family's treatment of her, compared with what anyone can see with their own eyes.
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