The Flight Attendant: Season 2 (Full Season)
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Cassie is now living her best life in LA with a new boyfriend while moonlighting as a CIA asset.
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I've watched the first two episodes, and so far this season looks to be even less plausible than the first. To be clear, I do not mean that as a criticism. If you are skimming this to see if this season is off to a good start before watching, I think it is! And stop reading this comment here, because I'm going to talk about plot below. :)

I had not read anything about this season and was distracted by the visuals in the main titles sequence, so was thrilled when Cheryl Hines showed up. I assume she'll be a villain, not a mentor, but either way I cannot wait to have more scenes between her and Cuoco.

I have no idea what's going on with the couple following Cassie - my first guess after their run in at the Berlin hotel was that it was mistaken identity and they were after the mystery dopplegänger. That seems unlikely now, between their showing up at the bungalow across the way and the disappearance of Megan.

I hope Cassie keeps holding out on her sobriety and that her grounding is short lived. LA is fine, but I love the ridiculous international intrigue. Also we last saw Megan foraging poisonous mushrooms and then concocting something out of them - seems like Cassie will need to have her flight privileges back to track down what's going on with her.

I like all the different Cassies in her mind palace this go around. I'm waiting to see what clues Jenny the codependent podcaster turns up - maybe it's just my inner Arconiac talking (hi, Only Murders in the Building watchers, seems like the overlap between fans of these two shows should be high) but I can't believe this weirdo won't turn out to be useful in some way.
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Yeah, just a couple of episodes in. For certain, it's gotten even sillier/ more fantastical, but I'm digging the absurdity where Cassie is more of a tool/ puppet than an asset that she considers herself.

I enjoyed the mind palace (thanks for reminding me of the term/ concept!) in S1 with the dead guy and glad that it's continuing in a modified form.

Looking forward to more Cheryl Hines.
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I get REALLY stressed out over the poor decision making/crazy directions, but I love the style of the show. And the music is so, so good (at getting me nervous).
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Ha! I love the way you frame that - someone else's poor decision making - this show is certainly an attractive trainwreck unfolding in slow motion.
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Ah good, thanks - when I heard about a second season, I was kind of left wondering, like... _how_? I'll add it to the queue.
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e03, I'm loving the mind palace stuff. Cuoco is hilarious.

Got a flashback to 'Herman's Head.' I had such a crush on Yeardley Smith, and so wanted to be Jane Sibbett as Heddy.

My overactive imagination is/ was of a different manifestation, but I can totally sympathize with the Cassie character.

There's an explicit callout to Cassie's "poor decision making/crazy directions" this ep.
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4 episodes in - still convinced Podcast Jenny is going to play a bigger role in the mystery, loving the misinterpreted emoji message (lol spy craft is hard), continuing to root for Cassie's sobriety but very much here for hooking up with handler Benjamin (collapsing mind palace be damned, he is fine), and growing kind of fond of crazy stalker couple - loved her (Gabriella? not sure I have those names down) telling him not to use his hands to beat up Max because he'll hurt himself and they have tools for that.
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Yeah, I can't seem to figure out her name Gabriella(?). Is that really Callie Hernandez? The heavy makeup makes it hard to identify her.

Looks great in smediums and leather.
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Oh jesus fuck. e05 and e06 just hit me in the gonads. But the show demanded that I go walk it off with the (attempted) charismatic action scene allowing the exposition and villain one-upmanship.

I'm still kind of numb from the low blow, but, it just distracted me and they're on a commercial flight home now.

1st world problems ensue.
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Yeah episodes 5 and 6 have definitely been rough. I do appreciate that this show treats recovery as a not straightforward process, but I was not expecting to go directly from rock bottom to stonecold Sharon Stone mom loves you but doesn't like you. Yikes.

Also Megan's interactions with her family going from lurking around dumpsters dressed like Carmen San Diego to "sorry have to call the feds on you" was a bummer.

I still think the Cassie impersonator is Dot. I need some wacky hijinks to lighten the mood and prove my theory right (or wrong, that would also be fun).
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Megan's "I wanted to feel special" explanation for selling secrets to North Korea is a little lame.
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is a little lame.

more than a little.
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Holy smokes! This season has really surprised me. Far far better than the final season of 'Killing Eve' and has some of the energy of the early seasons, played absurd with a different side part, but all it's own thing.

Still digging the paradigm of her mind palace.

Kaley Cuoco is really selling it for me.
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Well episode 7 satisfied my desire for bonkers plotting.

Everyone continues to have terrible spycraft/assassin-craft. Decisions, decisions, all of them wrong.

Nice Annie and Max moment after their ambush under the pier works out.

Line of the episode for me was Shane's comment to Cassie at the beginning of this episode "I'm on the fence about our friendship, but you don't deserve to be framed for murder."

Looking forward to the finale!
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See, I sort of felt like this season let the spy mystery sort of take more of a back seat to the personal interplay than last season. I'm not expecting a Carré novel, but barring last episode revelations, what was revealed in the penultimate episode sort of felt like "oh yeah hey we gotta wrap this up uhhh ok yeah, let's get this character to do a thing!"

I mean, the rest of it that was the North Koreans and their proxies chasing down Megan, sure, ok, got that. But the CIA-side of things has been kind of sloppy feeling, without the episodic revelations from S1 that made it more interesting to follow? Like the whole premise of the second season feels like they went "weren't these interesting characters with interesting personal issues, how can we follow up on their problems?" and sort of threw a thin mystery over the top of it.

And that's fine, I enjoy watching Cassie work her way through her recovery, and Annie and Max are relatable in their relationship conflicts, sure. But I've been sort of disappointed in the spy mystery hijinks, too.
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Well I did not love the finale. It was silly and over the top, as expected, and I did enjoy how Cassie resolved her mind palace selves and reached out to her mom.

But I was disappointed with the quick wrap up of the CIA treachery plot and the whole bit with Podcast Jenny. It did not feel like a shocking twist at all, just annoyingly tacked on. I wish they could have put a bit more thought into how to get Cassie's self-acceptance moment into her confrontation with Dot, instead of two underdeveloped confrontations in one finale.

Still, I enjoyed the season overall. This felt like a good place to leave the characters, so I'm not clamoring for a season 3, but if they wanted to do a season with Annie and Max's fledgling PI outfit I would give it a whirl.
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I suspect that the later parts of the season/ final episode was rewritten to compress an entire season 3 into one episode.

Was completely fine with the CIA plotline wrapping up quick; there was a ton of shorthand hence why I think it was a whole plotline of the final season.

Similar with Podcast Jenny, really obvious development and/ but compressing it made it hilarious.

Missing third season (I only expect that we won't see S03; which I would have hoped to have as different a tone than 2 as 2 was to 1) aside, I like the overall story arc.

The "I suck, but that's good enough for me." is interesting; its logically incompatible with AA. The turn away from futile/ unproductive striving towards what is expected of you (the external), and just focus on self development along internal lines feels Tao.

Kaley Cuoco definitely won a fan in me, but no. I am not going to watch 'Big Bang Theory.'

Zosia Mamet was charming and rest of the cast were fine. Rosie Perez stood out. The guest bits with Shohreh Aghdashloo and Sharon Stone were a nice treat.
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