Heartstopper: Season One
April 24, 2022 8:27 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.

Heartstopper is a lovely series about queer teenagers coming out to themselves, their friends and their families - and it's so tender and heartfelt and there is more magic in some minor moments than some TV shows can create in whole episodes.

Based on a webcomic and - later - a graphic novel by Alice Oseman; she was first published at 17 and now creator of her own TV series at 27!

The show avoids the cliche melodrama I associate with most high school drama series. People actually communicate in an open and healthy way! Nothing is dragged out just to squeeze out more drama! The episodes are short, sweet and so wholesome. I binged this in one evening.
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I can't recommend this series enough! Here's the original comic, still free for viewing.
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this show repairs broken hearts
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I love the webcomic--I'll definitely have to check this out!
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Can't recommend this enough. My 13-year-old femme-ish non-binary kid binged the books and then we watched the series over two evenings. It's like a warm blanket for queer kids, and still enjoyable by adults who are not assholes.
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The webcomic/graphic novels were discussed previously on the Blue!
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This is so dang cute!!! I am obessed!
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Looking at the webcomic now - they really translated the material to screen with amazing accuracy.
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I decided to give this a watch since I remember reading the comic as the author posted it to Tumblr and then participated in the Kickstarter for Volume 1.

This was such a sweet show and it was clearly lovingly adapted from the webcomic. The casting choices are really superb. Anyone who enjoyed the comic, will definitely like the show I think.

It is a little dose of sweetness that I really enjoyed. Hopefully it gets a second season.
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This made me so happy to watch.
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I love both the comic and the show so much. I can't wait for the next seasons to come out.
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Netflix also released a blooper reel, worth watching just for the part when Olivia Coleman forgets her lines while filming the scene where Nick comes out, then tells the actor playing Nick, "I just got all overwhelmed by your little face!" <333
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I'm a middle-aged bi woman and I watched this for the first time on Friday. Today is Monday and I have watched the whole series beginning to end 3 times and my favorite moments countless times. I am legit obsessed. What an incredibly sweet, wholesome and uplifting show just in general, and what a joy to watch joyful LGBT experiences on screen. There are so many movies/shows that focus on the pain and the dark side of the LGBT experience, and that's certainly an important aspect, but this - which also includes basically the best-case scenario coming out experience - is also incredibly important.

I don't know if it's middle age or the pandemic or what, but more and more I appreciate feel-good TV shows/movies that aren't saccharine. It's a difficult balance to strike and I'm so glad every time there's a new worthy addition. I loved this SO much.
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If there's anyone else watching who has fallen in love with Heartstopper and wants to get deeper into it, there's a ton of works on Archive of Our Own (most tv works are also tagged with comic so this is the most complete set). And if you're interested in discords, I have invite links, memail me if you want one. I know watching the show (repeatedly) wasn't enough for me.
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