Gaslit: Will
April 25, 2022 11:41 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Martha Mitchell struggles to balance the demands of a re-election campaign and her marriage. John Dean's ambition as White House Counsel is tested when he's unknowingly drawn into a re-election campaign conspiracy for Richard Nixon.
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There were a few times that it felt like The Office: Watergate Edition, and everyone involved is so unbelievable and larger than life that this is one of those non-fiction stories that just didn't make sense if it didn't really happen.

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn were great. Dan Stevens or at least the writing fell flat in places, usually around Dwight, err.. G Gordon Liddy. I kept expecting him to give the Jim/Pam look at the camera. Hopefully it'll go beyond that, but incredibly strong nonetheless. The story really seems to revolve around mid-level bureaucrats and less about Martha which is surprising and actually refreshing.

Not Wire or Sopranos level yet but I could see it potentially getting there. I did enjoy Sean Penn and Julia Roberts odd, but genuine sexual tension.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this series of Slow Burn so I am giving this a watch. So far I am unsure about how well it is working, although I do thoroughly enjoy the audience-proxy Mo giving gross John Dean a hard time.
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