The Space Between Worlds
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Cara dies. A lot. Or at least her analogs on parallel worlds do. And in a multiverse where you can only travel to a world where "you" already died, that makes her a very valuable employee.

"A compelling stand-alone debut that will leave readers thrilled, thoughtful, and anticipating the author’s next book." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Come for the clever sci-fi, stay for the social justice motivated plot starring one of the more dynamic women I can remember reading - all in all, a great debut, and I can’t wait to see what is next from Micaiah Johnson." -- She's Full of Lit

"After a strong start, though, the energy dips in the middle third – and that dip makes some of the inconsistencies in the worldbuilding more evident. ... Johnson pulls it back together again with a lovely last third, mind, but the inconsistency makes it hard to lean into The Space Between Worlds that she has created." -- Locus
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Even saying "I can't say anything about this book without spoiling it!" seems like a spoiler, but I can at least say that this was the best book I read last year, and I keep thinking about it, and I hope someone else was lucky enough to read this.
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I loved this! I don't generally have a lot of super smart things to say about books. But I really loved the worldbuildling (I didn't notice the inconsistencies but... I don't notice a lot of stuff) and thought it made for super neat character development. I am desperately hopeful Johnson writes more books; I will absolutely read them sight unseen based on her debut.
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I read this a couple of years ago and I liked it a lot.
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This sounds extremely my shit.
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Loved it. Really digs deep into class differences and the compromises that people have to make to move up, when it's at all possible to even do so.
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I loved this book so very much. In fact, I may need to reread it.
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picked this up due to the love in the comments and blasted through it in two sittings, love it. I'm massively struggling to find things to read right now and would love recommendations on similar things from anyone above... (or anyone!)
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I read this shortly after my father died, it is one of the few books I remember from that period (and is also one of the books I bought in paper to have a physical copy of). I spent ages recommending it to everyone I could; it hasn't gotten half the respect it should. Apparently there is a sequel coming up.
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