Killing It: The First Season
April 29, 2022 11:22 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Craig has an entrepreneurial spirit, but he needs seed capital. So why not bounty-hunt invasive Burmese pythons in the swamps of Florida with his Uber driver?

Craig Robinson stars as Craig, a very Craig-Robinson-esque character, and Claudia O'Doherty costars as Jillian G, an optimistic hustler.

Tossing out society’s expectation of kindness, camaraderie, and citizenship is a dark path that also creates narrative possibility, and Killing It slithers steadily upon it. -- Vulture

Killing It gets off to a rough but promising start, thanks to a fun performance from Robinson, with an assist from O’Doherty. We hope that as the story gets more personal, the characters will outshine the gags. -- Decider

Killing It streams on Peacock in the US.
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I really enjoyed this show. It is set at the start of the Trump years, so if it continues we will absolutely get a plotline about COVID fraudster/profiteers. That's about the level this show is hitting at. Funny, but bleak. It's Coenesque -- but not like a Coen brothers comedy, more like taking a Coen brothers tragedy and punching it up with lots of jokes.

Every action that Craig and Jillian take to improve their lives ends up making their lives worse, usually to the benefit of someone monstrous. To be clear: this is not a show where everyone is terrible. This is a show where many people are terrible, and some people are decentish, and the people in the first group always win over the people in the second group. There are plenty of streaming shows that have just added in some curses and nudity, but otherwise given you exactly what you would expect on network tv. Killing It is not one of those shows. It has a point of view, and that point of view is that we peons of capitalism are fuuuucked.
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That insurance guy was really creepy and/or dedicated.
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Pretty dark, though also funny at times.
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Pretty dark, though also funny at times."

"I went to high school with identical twins, Tim and Jim. And the only way to tell them apart was that one of them died of a heroin overdose."

I laughed at this, immediately felt bad and then I remembered my favorite Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey from SNL, “Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.” So I guess I've been laughing at this joke for 3 decades.

I've just seen the first few episodes and have been enjoying it. Craig Robinson is always charming and I'm glad he's gotten famous enough to play a character named Craig. I also like Jillian G and am interested in seeing where the subplot with the shady brother goes.

And in crass marketing terms, I hadn't heard about this show, but saw the picture of Craig Robinson on the Fanfare sidebar and clicked the link. So there's 1 vote for people are finding new stuff on Fanfare!
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"Fewer beans, newer beans."
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We watched the first two episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dark humor abounds and the characters are well-played. And no laugh track, a lamentable "feature" which led me to abandon "Night Court".
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