Barry: ben mendelsohn
May 9, 2022 8:33 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

As Barry and Gene take on new opportunities, Sally prepares for her first press junket and Katie shares her concerns; with the Bolivians still in heavy pursuit, Hank reaches out to Fuches, while Cristobal pitches a new tactic to Fernando.
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Dr. Minnick! (for any other Greys Anatomy fans 😂 that's Fuches' girlfriend).
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I've been getting a kick out of waiting for the episode title to be revealed during the episode. Any idea why Ben Mendelsohn is the first name to pop into Sally's head?
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Any idea why Ben Mendelsohn is the first name to pop into Sally's head?

From Ben Mendelsohn’s linked IMDB page:

Trademark: Often plays arrogant, unlikeable and borderline sociopathic characters who are never as clever as they think they are

Also, he was already in a Spiderman movie.
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That was brutal. Gene is breaking my heart and poor Elsie. She knows something is bad wrong, but no one is actually interested in hearing her.
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Henry Winkler is so incredible! I think I say this every season, but this episode was really something.

Also, this is basically the thesis of the show, but the way that almost every character is monstrously self-involved they are is endlessly entertaining to me (in this case, I'm absolutely referring to the lead actor in the show that wanted to tell Barry that other Marines thought he was tough enough to be a Marine, and personally totally considered it, but he had "too many other options").
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