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Shining Girls is an American thriller series on Apple TV+ based on the 2013 novel "The Shining Girls" by Lauren Beukes.

I’m not sure how many people are watching this, but it’s yet another decent series on Apple TV that's worth watching, I think.

The concept is interesting, the characters are compelling. I like the fact it’s set in the 90s giving it a slower pace allowing the mystery to breathe (on account of the lack of tools like Google).

It is undeniably a bit troubling to have yet another show for our entertainment about murdered women and a traumatised survivor whose account isn’t trusted. I would probably have avoided this if it hadn't been well recommended. I’ve found it gripping, not just because of the quality and originality of the show (though it’s partly that) but also because the sense that all the killings have happened (save for the time-bending considerations of the plot) so this is largely about the search for answers.

My assumption is that this is a 1 season show, or at least if it’s not, then it would be an anthology type show, meaning that we'll have some sort of resolution at the end of its 7 episodes.
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I don’t think a second season has been greenlit but I am quite sure the show is being written with that in mind, and a lot of the background and interviews talk about the show’s “first season”.

Agreed on the show - I am not a fan of serial killer shows, especially those where solely women are targeted - but the excellent performances and sci-fi twist have me very intrigued.
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I felt the same about the book, not sure I could handle a serial killer targetting women, but I gave it a chance based on Lauren Beukes' earlier one, "Zoo City" and I'm glad I did. So I'll give this a shot. Curious to see how it goes in a TV format and if I like it as much.
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This is fantastic so far (have seen the first two eps). It's so unlike any other story as to be mostly unguessable.

And Moss continues to be one of the best actors on screen.
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This show has been blowing my mind with its attention to 1992 Chicago period detail.

That said, there is a honking error in episode four, which features signage for the CTA Pink Line in several shots. The Pink Line launched in 2006.
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There is no reason to have a discussion including the book for this one, as the series is better in virtually every way. (Just read the book, tried to make a post for it saying as much and kept getting an error. This will have to do.)

If anyone else wants to make either a book included or book post, I will meet you there and we can complain about the book.
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I agree about the book, which I read several years ago, but bounced off of so hard that I barely remember anything about it except the climax. I enjoyed this show though. I do rather wish they'd shown or explained the mechanics of how the time travel stuff worked, but the show still worked without that stuff, and I would have probably just looked for things to pick apart in the explanations anyways.
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I was really satisfied with the conclusion. I was nervous they would hedge the ending in case there was a follow up season but it never felt like a show that would make any sense other than a one season offering and I’m glad it was neatly concluded.
I’m not sure it ever occurred to me to wonder about the mechanics of how the house operated, so didn’t feel short changed having no explanation there.
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I thought they gave us just enough of the house.

I can imagine a story with a house like that where I'd want a detailed breakdown of those rules. This was not that story. I can think of two "rules" we learned, off the top of my head.

The first one is that there is a set date that is the farthest forward the house will take Harper. We don't see if the date is the same for Kirby. It's not explained why that date is what it is. And that's fine.

The second one is more complicated, if it even is a rule. I sort of thought I knew it as I started this comment, but in trying to write it down, realized it's not that clear. My first formulation was "Only the current 'owner' of the house can control what time they land in when they exit." But in the context of the house, what does current mean? Is the death of the "previous" owner the only way that ownership transfers?

But while it's fun to think about the answers to these questions, I don't need them. The show wasn't dangling the answers as bait to keep us (me, anyway) watching. I was watching to see Kirby go from a being a victim, just barely surviving in her ever-shifting circumstances, to being in control, to winning. And I got that, in a very satisfying way.

IOW, I enjoyed the show.
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