Barry: Crazytimesh*tshow
May 25, 2022 1:21 AM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The Bolivian problem resurfaces. Gene reconnects with faces from his past. Sally is disappointed with the future of her show. Barry continues to spiral.
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"Replace her dog with a slightly different dog."

I thought this one was pretty great. I enjoyed the subversion of Barry nearly managing to weasel his way back into Sally's good books but then absolutely blowing it by being, well, Barry.
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“Most of it I learned in the military. Some on a subreddit.”

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What a rollercoaster for poor Sally. And that exec who was like "I wish I had someone to appeal to for the decision but I don't because it's me."
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The exec has low-key been one of my favorite minor characters.
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> The exec has low-key been one of my favorite minor characters.

the algorithm felt it was hitting the correct specific taste clusters in your profile.
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She reminded me of Laurie, the exec in Silicon Valley who seemed baffled by human emotion.
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She reminded me of someone I worked for (briefly) twenty years ago, a woman whose regular refrain whenever I questioned the wisdom of a business decision was, “We checked, and it’s not illegal.”
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oooooof this exchange:
NoHo Hank: Cristobal and I thrive on little moments like that. And honesty.
Cristobal: (pause) Uh, yeah. Honesty.
Poor Hank.
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