The Bob's Burgers Movie (2022)
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When a ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob's Burgers, it blocks the entrance indefinitely and ruins the Belchers' plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope and fight to get back behind the counter, where they belong.
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I loved this so much. My wife and I saw it twice already — once as a last-night-in-town thing on Thursday for a friend who was moving away, and again on Sunday while visiting her family — and it's was great both times.

I love Bob's Burgers in so many ways. I'm not really sure about the musical numbers at times — it makes sense with Gene, who lives for music, and Linda, who randomly sings the way I do, but not so much the other characters — I loved the singing and dancing and everything in this. I even loved the amazing choice they made for Grover's musical number, like "Hey, what's the top of your range? Cool, we'll go right above that."

And I loved how they made it seem like an expanded episode, without trying to change things or shove everyone into it. I'm always wary when a TV show seems to think it's going to work as a movie, but this was amazing. Louren Bouchard can do anything. I'm here for the next movie.

Finally, I love the dancing in the credits, especially Marshmallow voguing and Mr. Branca being Gene Kelley with his mop.
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Seconding everything cardioid said, but I loved all the musical numbers without reservation.

Not really a fan of musicals per se, but something about how Bob's Burgers does it really pulls me in seamlessly- perhaps because I relate to the characters and humor before they start singing? Whatever it is, I'm all in.

Also, this really did feel like a larger production, an actual movie instead of a tv show projected onto the big screen. The set dressing felt so much more elaborate- I got to see details and views of their town that I hadn't seen before. Even in the restaurant, I got a better sense of the space, even though I'd seen that same room a thousand times before.

Also the stinger with Tina, Jimmy Junior and the Zombies on horseback was chef's kiss.
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Hey, this was really fun! I’ve always appreciated how this show has consistently gone small where The Simpsons has gone big, and even their respective The Movies have borne that out similarly: the Simpsons actually get thrown out of town (which is sealed under a dome). The Belchers have trouble selling burgers, and then they also prevent anything really bad from happening to the city, in a way that is mostly not noticed by anyone.

Also, Teddy is just a treat. Pretty much everyone was in top form, and it was just a real joy of a story! I was just delighted by this overall, and impressed at how well they kept to the low-key small-scale spirit of the show, while simultaneously justifying a The Movie.
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