The Boys: Payback
June 6, 2022 11:05 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Season 3 starts with the trailer for the Bourke Cut of Dawn of the Seven.

Hughie works for the Bureau of Superhero Affairs. Butcher mopes over not getting bloody. Starlight gets a promotion. Homelander wants to know where his son is. And V24 / Temp V may upset the entire apple cart.
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A moment in TV history that changed forever the phrase "I want you inside of me." Great beginning!
posted by monocultured at 1:17 PM on June 6, 2022 [3 favorites]

I think Butcher would have described that episode using the phrase "sound as a pound". There was a little bit of "well, as you know bob, it's been a year..." but overall I really liked that episode.
The quality of the acting is much higher than you'd expect given the subject matter or the average streaming show.
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The beginning really set the tone for the season, I think, and was especially delicious considering the recasting of Stormfront, especially if you've seen a certain recent MCU movie (which itself had some pretty gnarly violence in it). And the status quo seems pretty reasonable--the Boys ending up working for VCU's version of SHIELD, Neuman seemingly having given up her head-popping ways, Annie having some degree of control, Homelander being somewhat less homicidally maniacal, etc.--which for this series of course means that it can't possibly last.
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Welp still the gore and extremely weird sex I remember.
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I liked the stealth casting of Charlize Theron as movieStormfront, like the celebrity cameos in 'Thor.'
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I initially assumed it was some lookalike rather than Actual Charlize Theron!
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They really decided to go hard out of the gate on the first episode of the season. Did they think we'd forgotten?!
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