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Seems like there are at least a few players and few people interested in playing this game, so I thought I'd make a post here.

The learning curve is steep but at the end of the day there is no *wrong* way to play. I first played the game during beta/launch, and was underwhelmed as it seems a lot of people were. I'd been periodically surprised that the game was even a *thing* still in 2021 so I decided to give it a real shot. I enjoyed the movement mechanics enough to carry me past the not great tutorials, and eventually everything started to make sense. It's now become my go to 'disconnect from reality to cope with reality' method, and I have several hundred hours played.

Some guides/links I found helpful:
Player Guides on Reddit
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I used this list as a rough guide too, when starting.
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Getting Stronger in Warframe 2021 - still the best one-sheet pocket guide to the game's power curve.

Overframe.gg - the build-sharing site. Tons of outdated builds here. Set filter to 31.0 or newer (as of June 2022). I'll eventually post some of mine in this thread.

i_wanna_be_the_guy's Tier List comprehensive review of solid min-max builds for nearly every remotely-competitive weapon in the game. Starting to age since he hasn't really been updating since v30.7. Posts on overframe.gg as sakai4ever. Always worth considering his builds.

The Affinity Grind: A Compendium For All Things Leveling - masterclass Reddit thread on how to get that XP for whatever you're leveling/forma-ing.

True Melee Attack Speed - spreadsheet breaking down per-hit multipliers and combo timing on all the melee weapons, by stance. It's not an accident that Kronen Prime (tonfa Sovereign Outcast), Nikana Prime/Sepfahn (nikana Blind Justice), Redeemer Prime/Stropha (gunblade High Noon) are rated so highly in the overframe Tier List, and if you dig all the way down into the fundamentals of melee damage this is where you'll find the underlying reason.

Relatively new to the game and looking for a solid melee weapon worth spending a couple forma on? Get Lesion.

Drop tables for the entire game.

More later.
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Oh, and before you sell off that non-prime weapon you just finished leveling, in order to free up a weapon slot: Weapons Required As Crafting Ingredients.

Solo Tridolon speedrun record for Arcane farming advice by DoubleXXF (as usual). Build here.
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Finally killed (or so I thought) my first Kuva Lich last night only to have the f*cker run off to Proxima land, time to level intrinsics.
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Kuva/Tenet weapons aside from Nukor and one other are the only major thing I haven’t done yet, and I gotta do a bunch of Railjack stuff anyway for non-prime Sevagoth/Ash still. Happy to help you grind that this weekend.
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Commodore Jarcat reporting for duty this weekend haha
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Okay, who left a load of Infested, erm, slime in the corner of my spaceship?

So, maybe I haven't played in a little while (years) but that is no excuse for messing up my ship.

A few friends and I started playing at what must have been the end of the open beta. There was only one ship tileset and the Grineer still spoke in English (sometimes). I played it quite a lot in the first year or so but slowly the friends who played it dropped out and in the end so did I.

Still, I have occasionally come back to play it (as did some of my friends) but not for some time. Then I saw the post on MetaTalk and decided to install it on my new PC.

It looks much the same, and the game has remembered all my stuff. I did a quick Mercury extermination mission with my fully kitted out Trinity and found I was a bit rough but could play okay.

I noticed quite a few new things that I need to look up (Railjacks, Ayatans etc), new open world missions (not sure how they work) and the mod system has changed again. Also, I appear to auto-parry bullets with my katana.

The biggest surprise was, not only did my clan still exist, but amongst the 1200 day absences, there was one who played in the last few days and another in the last few hours.

I think I'll play a bit more, see what's new.

I still want to know why there is Infested slime on my ship.
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That's the Helminth Segment, Antiwiggle. Came with the Heart of Deimos expansion. Definitely wasn't me I pinky swear.

I was in a similar boat when I started playing, I'd had like 20-30 hours played around launch.

Railjacks are super fun, especially in a group IMO. Ryvar and I have hit up a few missions this week and it is really cool to see how they brought all the different systems together.

Feel free to hit me up in game, I have a bunch of extra prime blueprints burning a hole in my inventory too
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Quick heads up for anyone reading this: Primed Chamber briefly in next Baro drop while DE tries to stress the servers. 9AM EST Friday.

Expected price will be 3k dukats (!!?) and 1m credits.

While not super useful outside highly specific Vectis Prime builds with a god-tier Riven (+Crit%/+CritMul/+Reload/-MagSize), this was for many years the rarest mod in the game with only 60 or so in circulation. At one point traded for 60K plat (around $3600 in ingame currency).

While we’re on the topic of Baro: I’ve got a TennoCon digital ticket, so if Mefites on Warframe have any missing Baro purchases they want filled, I’m happy to do so for free. Just drop me the dukats for whatever you’d like in July and I’ll buy it for you.
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That's the Helminth Segment, Antiwiggle. Came with the Heart of Deimos expansion. Definitely wasn't me I pinky swear.

Ah, good to know Jarcat.

The quests system is a bit of a mess for me. Some quests I think I've done, but others are marked as done because I've had things like Archwings and Kubro since before there was a quest system. I'm trying to do the story ones I haven't done.

Feel free to hit me up in game, I have a bunch of extra prime blueprints burning a hole in my inventory too

I'd like to if we can find a convenient time. At the moment though I am preparing for my first trip abroad since the pandemic started, so no gaming for me for a couple of weeks.
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It's an open ended offer! I'm JarcatPrime in game, enjoy your trip too!!

The quests are definitely worth doing, I just finished one last night that featured an unexpected full on SEA SHANTY written by Corpus Pirates. It belongs up there with "Still Alive" at the end of Portal as far as unexpectedly awesome video game songs go.
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I’m Ryvar ingame, Jarcat and I have been meeting up to run missions most days (not so much this week; lil’ bit of lite gamedev crunch for me). I’d been saving up one of each essential prime frame/weapon for the last six months so I’ve filled most of the holes in Jarcat’s inventory but there’s still plenty left including (most importantly) a full Mesa Prime Set.

Sometimes when I am especially carrying the team (Bounties, Defense, Hijack, Excavation) at the end of the mission I’ll say, “This demonstration has been brought to you by the One True Church Of Our Lady Of Aimbot. Having trouble with a mission? Don’t forget! MESA: Everything I Look At Dies(TM).”
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Most of the frames you gave me finished cooking overnight. I also have an extra mesa prime set, and I'm close to getting a second Saryn Prime somehow too, just from random old relics with teammates.

Also can confirm, the Aimbot is love the Aimbot is life, praise be unto Aimbot.
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Here is my Mesa Prime build, which is what I've used to clear probably 70% of the game. This is definitely the "evolved into" build, not how it started. Link to my 1.2M base DPS Regulators build is in the description.

Some context: most weapons in Warframe top out around 300~400K base DPS sustained. The few that go up to 1 million are either VERY low magazine count, or in some other way compromised to deliver burst damage in practice. Mesa outputs 3~4x the sustainable base before modifiers are taken into account (3x damage multiplier from ability), every single shot always hits, and this build can sustain it for 50 seconds or more. Swap Primed Flow as listed in the description and you can sustain it for nearly two and a half minutes, though the absolute toughest enemies in the game will die in under 10 seconds to this build.

If you're not seeking a challenge - if you're typically playing after a long day at work, tired and looking for something simple and easy, this build is for you. Hit 4, point at things you want dead, they die almost instantly, move on and repeat. Never stops being fun, somehow. You can hit 3 if you're getting hit to much, or 1 and drop a shield boost (I have mine bound to B) to go into overdrive (+50% damage, +300% crit chance, respectively). But you'll rarely need to do anything but hit 4 and hold-click your left mouse button. Spin in place if you want to hit everything in 360 degrees.
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