Borgen: The Future is Female
June 24, 2022 4:23 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Birgitte Nyborg is taking on a new role as Denmark's foreign minister while Katrine Fønsmark returns to journalism, landing a managing post at her former TV workplace. [IMDB]

Russians, Americans, Canadians, Chinese & Greenlanders ... there's a lot on Birgitte's plate as season 4 opens. She's power-adjacent, they've found oil in Greenland and the indigenous politicians want independence, but there are plenty of other international interests circling around, and in any case Birgitte's (minority) party has decarbonization as a key flag. Plus: a truck full of pigs is hijacked by some kids.
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Thanks for posting these chavenet.

I am a big Borgen fan and found this season not to disappoint. It goes heavy into the Greenland/Denmark relationship, which was great, and there's also a bunch of really good character arcs.

Sidse Babett Knudsen is just an amazing actress as Birgitte (again). That alone is worth the price of admission, but loads of other good performances as well. Really liked the Arctic Ambassador character as well as several of the Greenlanders.
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I am really enjoying this season. I remember seeing recommendations for Borgen and thinking, how on earth can a TV show about the Danish parliamentary system be interesting?? But it was. And this season (released nearly 10 years after the last one!!) is no less interesting. I am particularly interested in the Greenland stuff, which has a lot of echoes of Indigenous issues in Canada.
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So (I’m going to put this here because there’s no post for the season finale/full season thread), I just finished watching the whole new season, and I have to say I was impressed.
I loved the focus on Greenland, I loved the parallels between Brigitte and Katrine, and I needed to watch something that wasn’t going to make me feel completely hopeless. I guess there is some possible criticism that it was an unrealistically happy ending? But with the state of the world what it is…I had to believe a politician with a good moral compass was able to regain it when enough people who love her pointed it out.

I was so happy to see Bent again, despite the sadder circumstances of his beginning dementia. I LOVED the relationship between Asger and Emmy even though I was like oh dear, she REALLY needs to break it off with her husband for once and for all. I was enchanted by Nivi Peterson, the actor who plays Emmy—she is so talented and beautiful. Apparently she is a filmmaker/director as well as being an actor, and her goal is to make documentaries about Greenland.

I read a quote from the actor who plays Katrine saying it was fun to read the new script because it was like looking up old friends on Facebook to see what they were up to 10 years later. That’s kind of how I felt watching this. I was a little nervous it wouldn’t stand up to the previous seasons, but I think it does. I really enjoyed it, and if they made another season of it, I’d watch it.(Full season spoilers inside.)

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