Borgen: Inuit Nunaat: Land of the People
June 24, 2022 4:42 AM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

After her statements in the Foreign Policy Committee, Birgitte Nyborg is threatened by a vote of no confidence, and when one of the Greenlandic members of parliament goes against her, the government's majority begins to crumble. Nyborg now has two options: Either she must resign and stand by her ideals. Or she and the government must change policies and suddenly advocate for the exploitation of oil. Moreover, she discovers that her son Magnus has suddenly become an additional political burden for her. [IMDB]

They bury Malik. Asger works his way into the close-knit community of Greenlanders, and falls for Emmy, his counterpart in the negotiations. TV1 knows Birgitte lied to the Foreign Policy Committee. Magnus is being pressured by the police. Birgitte visits her old pal and mentor, Bent, who is helpful but seems to be heading into dementia. When she goes to TV1 the expectation is she'll resign, but instead delivers a truly shocking policy u-turn to save her political skin.
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