Steven Universe: Alone Together
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Steven fuses with a surprising partner.
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This was simply an amazing episode. Very weird and funny and heartfelt and awesome. The look on Garnet's face -- I didn't know she could do that. I wonder if that has to do with our speculation, from another thread, on the possibility that Garnet herself could be a long-lived fusion, whose parts maybe lost their individuality.

Lots to discuss in this one. For starters -- the question is finally answered, Steven can fuse, although we still don't know if he can fuse with Gems....

Also: Sour Cream. Poor guy. Although he has awesome taste in DJing equipment!
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Also, new character: Kevin. He's the closest we've had to an all-out jerk since Lars has become humanized a bit.
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This story is a helluva allegory, but I'm more interested in what it means for Steven and Connie. They're both awfully young to have shared such a special bond. Steven approaches everything so honestly and optimistically that I'm hoping that them both laughing at the end means they'll be alright.
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(I was going to say something like that, but was unsure what the spoiler rules were for this thread....)
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Connie's laughing at the end strikes me as a bit... hysterical. The poor girl has gone from zero background with magical...ness to getting her eyes cured by magic spit and fusing her body with a boy she likes. I will be sad if her character arc takes her to bad places.
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I do hope Steven fuses with one of the Gems in the future, although it'd make some narrative sense if he couldn't. It'd be interesting to see how the gems could cope with a partly human body. I'd also enjoy it if it turns out that they really struggle to use powers they've mastered as Gems in a partially organic body.
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This was the actual best episode. Possibly of anything ever. The opening with the dancing is perfect: the timing, both comic and musical, every single expression on Steven's face, the unexpectedly intense Garnet/Pearl part out of nowhere and then the repeat of it with Steven just sort of awkwardly standing there in the same poses. The long, graceful leap at the end and Steven succumbing to gravity way earlier than the other Gems. Flawless.

Oh, also I love the thing (there's probably a name for it) this episode does where a character jumps between a bunch of poses without animation inbetween - it makes the Steven-dancing-with-Pearl and Pearl-poking-and-prodding-Stevonnie parts way funnier. I don't remember seeing it before in SU, but maybe I just didn't notice, I don't know.

Anyway. All that is preamble to STEVONNIE. I am so, so excited to have this show depicting a character at some point on the nonbinary/intersex scale as unequivocally positive, awesome etc, and doubly so to have them (as the straight-up amalgam of two people presented to us as A Boy and A Girl) be overtly feminine-coded. I'm still slightly in shock that this episode happened.

Then Lars and Sadie both being super into Stevonnie absolutely killed me. Whether L&S were gendering them female (I got the impression most people were; Kevin refers to them as 'girl' later) - implying Sadie might be bi - or attracted to them as nonbinary will no doubt be the subject of fandom squabbling forever. Regardless I'm still laughing at the idea that Steven and Connie fusing appears to just add their ages together, so you end up with one naive, oblivious 24-year-old. And that tied into the last part of the episode, with Kevin, which is the other amazing thing I still can't believe they did.

I read that last part as all about realising the implicit threat in a man seeing you as attractive or sexualising you, and specifically feeling isolated and unable to do anything to turn the situation back into something that doesn't make you feel gross about yourself. And obviously, about the fact that Stevonnie has unknowingly leapt straight into an adult interaction they're not remotely prepared for, and is hit full-on with the reality of a personal-space-invading, boundary-disrespecting guy seeing them that way. I really liked that they eventually split apart mainly because both halves needed the other person to support them, although it turned out exploding into a pair of twelve-year-olds kind of resolved the situation for them.

Other minor bits: Rose implied Steven would be literally 50% her and 50% Greg, so I suspect being able to fuse with a human means he's equally able to fuse with Gems. If the temple really is a depiction of a full 5- (I am an unapologetic Garnet-is-a-fusion true believer) way fusion, it's worth noting it pretty much has Rose's hair. So it will have Steven's hair. This will be beautiful and magical and must happen. Also here is Ronaldo's interpretation of what happened. Grinning shipper Garnet is my phone background now. I might never change it.
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Oh my. Such a lovely episode, Garnet's reaction definitely seems to support the fusion theory. I loved how Steven and Connie kept talking to each other after fusing and wanted each other's company.
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There was so much about this that was surprising and delightful, so much that works on multiple levels. Great storytelling, and so beautifully animated.

My favorite little moment was when Stevonnie reluctantly danced with Kevin, they decided to krump, or at least attempt to krump. I loved that! Krump is indeed the dance you should choose if you're attempting to convey "I am absolutely not into dancing with you, but I will aggressively dance at you to establish my dominance."
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I'm still so jazzed up after seeing that, I'm going to make a full geeklist now. This has been in the works for over a day actually. SPOILERS FOLLOW:
  • This is easily one of the best episodes of the show to date, and probably important to the overarching story.
  • emmtee's summation of the dance scene is nice and accurate. (Actually, emmtee's entire comment is terrific, and saves me a bit of typing!) I'm starting to wonder if, maybe, Pearl has a crush on Garnet? Remember her dejection when Garnet fused with Amethyst instead of her in Coach Steven? Of course we have no idea if anything like romance exists in Gem culture. Word Of God is that Gems are actually asexual, and do not reproduce naturally. It causes one to wonder what role fusion has in Gem culture? Or, does the greater Gem culture even have fusion? Notice, all the dances the Gems have performed to fuse so far have been Earth-style dances....
  • Amethyst: "C'mon! It's Steven!" (does voice) "Who know's what's gonna happen??" (laughs) She seems like she's referring to something there, but not something that's happened on camera.
  • Here's something to think about. Maybe Steven has trouble fusing with the elder Gems because he doesn't see himself as their peer? Anyway, as the dance montage illustrates, the fact that Steven's so much smaller than the others plays a role in the difficulty.
  • There's something sweet about the shot with Steven's sandals and Connie's shoes on the beach. Awww.
  • Connie's insecurity in dancing is interesting. The show has painted a picture so far of a kind-hearted but perhaps over-parented girl. Connie's still keeping her empty glasses frames, I notice. It seems that, despite the anti-lying lesson of Fusion Cuisine, Connie still hasn't told them about her healed eyes. How would her parents react knowing their daughter was fusing? With a boy???
  • C: "...I just couldn't stop thinking about everyone staring at me." S: "No one's staring right now!" (GLARE) Smooth, kid.
  • Steven's got a replacement smartphone! Who pays his bill? Its interface seems iOS-like. YES WE MUST KNOW IF STEVEN USES APPLE OR ANDROID SHUT UP.
  • The scene with the two dancing, before the fusion, it's nice. Just sayin'. Both these characters are so good-natured and fun. THEN SOMETHIN WIERD HAPPIN--
  • Let's take a moment to notice something. Steven spits watermelon seeds and creates life. Steven dances with a girl and the two magically join together. When Steven's powers become fully realized, the poor kid is going to have be careful that he doesn't accidentally create miracles just walking down the street. "I'm sorry Mr. Florist, I didn't mean to animate your inventory. How much do I owe you?"
  • The scene where Steven and Connie figure out what happened to them is nice. There's each of their individual voices in there, but sometimes there's that shared voice. Sometimes we get a view of fusion that has the individual members retaining their voices (Alexandrite and Opal when they're breaking apart), but more often we get a view that the members' personalities have merged (Sugilite, the rest of Opal and Alexandrite). It may vary according to the members and how in-accord the fusion is with their personalities. Maybe, the more merged their personalities are, the easier it is to maintain? Or rather, it requires something pushing the merged persons apart? I'll have more to say about this when we get to Coach Steven.
  • There's something awesome about Stevonnie's quiet declaration to herself: "I'm a fusion!" Then goofy laughter. They're great together.
  • Stevonnie is voiced by Amanda Joy Michalka, continuing the tradition of casting singers as fusions.
  • It's worth taking a moment to examine Stevonnie's character design. Bridge of nose and hair (and other things it seems) are Connie's. The bottom of the nose is Steven's, and it seems to be Steven's ears (which are more likely to be visible), and I think it's his eyes. Their eyebrows, I just noticed, are actually similar enough so they could be either.
  • @auntiepixelante tweeted "whoa steven universe look at you basically doing a cartoon about a trans woman on fucking cartoon network". She has a point. It's worth noting, by the way, that all three writers and storyboarders of this episode were women: Hilary Florido, Katie Mitroff, and (show creator) Rebecca Sugar.
  • And so we come to one of my favorite single shots in the whole show so far: the Gems staring speechless at Stevonnie. You can be thousands of years old and still be left dumbstruck sometimes, it seems. Especially note that Garnet's mouth gets bigger during the dumbstruck shot. Stevonnie: "Pretty cool, right??"
  • Gem reactions. Amethyst: enthusiastic, but that's Amethyst. Pearl: Worried and cautious, but that's Pearl. Garnet however.... A: "Pearl! Look at Garnet!" This is the moment, I think, that Garnet really emerges as a character. She's so happy. Look at how she holds her hands, and of course the huge goofy grin. So awesome. It's taken 37 episodes for her to smile like that.
  • Garnet's speech to Stevonnie: "You are not two people. You are not one person. You... are an experience! Make sure you're a good experience! Now... GO... HAVE... FUN!!" My opinion of Garnet went way up after that.
  • Pearl's reactions to fusing, throughout the show, are the most guarded of the Gems. One is left wondering if there's some reason for that. You have to admit, considering what happens at the rave, she might have a point.
  • The following minute or so is interesting from a story construction standpoint. It's joyous and wonderful, but not a lot happens during it. We do get introduced to the fact that Stevonnie is quite athletic. I hope the rule isn't that participants' ages are summed, because that could be bad if Steven ever fuses with someone older....
  • The page on the Steven Universe Wiki (how could you doubt there is one?) for Stevonnie asserts their personalities aren't as joined as the other fusions. I think it's probably about the same, myself, but we're seeing the disconnectedness of the two getting used to it.
  • In Big Donut, Sadie and Lars are talking about something when Stevonnie enters. Whatever it is, Lars is hunched down (maybe on his knees) and closer to Sadie's level.
  • Both are obviously taken with Stevonnie. Considering she's got Steven's gem, though, they probably should have figured something was weird about her, they've certainly seen enough magical shenanigans from the kid up until now.
  • Part of the episode is Steven and Connie glued together. But there's also two kids getting treated as an adult, and an attractive adult, and being unprepared for that. This is, ultimately, the conflict for the episode, what fuels Stevonnie's insecurity at the rave (which was set up by Connie's admission about skipping the school dance).
  • RONALDOWATCH: he's at the rave. He gets around Beach City a lot, doesn't he? I wonder if this isn't a conscious decision so they can justify adding material to Keep Beach City Weird? If so that would be kind of amazing, and would make the Tumblr an integral part of the show.
  • Also note, the rave is "at the warehouse." It's the same warehouse the underground wrestling ring was held in from Tiger Millionaire. This is the second time we've seen it, and now the building damage becomes a more obvious thing. While Garnet and Pearl inflicted some damage to the structure in that episode, that wall was already down in the first fights in the episode. Evidently, we're supposed to notice that the building is damaged. Is it a Gem-related reason? Why do they keep holding events in a building with part of a wall missing?
  • Blink and you'll miss it: Sour Cream's DJing station is actually suspended high above the dance. I hope Sour Cream shows up more later, there seems like there's an interesting backstory there, regarding his... odd... family. And how about some more Peedee? Okay I'll shut up about it now. The other cool kids (Jenny and Buck) are also at the rave, and some extras who aren't Beach City regulars.
  • Kevin is the closest to a villain we've had so far. I mean I guess there's Lapis but she mostly just wanted to get home. And Peridot, well, we've not seen enough of her to get a good reading. But Kevin is so wrapped up in himself. I wonder if he'll turn up again?
  • I can tell right now that Stevonnie is going to be a fan favorite. (Link warning: DeviantArt hashtag.) The character is lots of fun. I echo Mr.Encyclopedia's hopes that Connie's character arc turns out positively, not just for her sake, but because Stevonnie's awesomeness needs to show up again and again.
Oh, also I love the thing (there's probably a name for it) this episode does where a character jumps between a bunch of poses without animation inbetween - it makes the Steven-dancing-with-Pearl and Pearl-poking-and-prodding-Stevonnie parts way funnier. I don't remember seeing it before in SU, but maybe I just didn't notice, I don't know.

Good eye! I don't remember seeing it used before either. It's kind of a short-period montage kind of idea.

although it turned out exploding into a pair of twelve-year-olds kind of resolved the situation for them.

Well honestly, that would end most social situations. Getting a driver's license? EXPLODE INTO KIDS. Job interview? EXPLODE INTO KIDS. Waiting in line at the grocery store? EXPLODE INTO etc.
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Also, yasaman, I'd never heard of krumping before. Thank you very much for telling me about that!
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(Telling us that is, sry bout that)
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So fool that I am, I did a Tumblr search for Stevonnie. Wow. There's a ton of stuff made over two days.

One thing about all this I've not seen mentioned yet: it's pretty much an instant way to increase Steven's combat potential. Connie's the one with the tennis skills (from Lion 2). Rose's sword is too much for either of them to really swing around by themselves, but together.... I wonder if they still have access to Steven's shield?
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This episode was totally captivating start to finish. I am very used to putting on a cartoon and doing something else with my hands like eating or crocheting or petting the cat or whatever. (All of Justice League helped me fold my laundry for a couple years.) With Steven Universe I have definitely had large chunks of many episodes that have drawn my full attention, but this one was start to finish. I had to put down my enchiladas, people. The cheese congealed. I don't even care, it was so worth it.

First of all the chutzpah of this whole premise with the feminine-coded androgynous super positive Stevonnie with the incisively powerful sexual and dominance threads throughout. I am so here for this. I'm starving for this. These are stories about personal autonomy and respect that everybody of every age past, like, larval stage, should be able to tell and share. Like Little Red Riding Hood, but oh so different.

Notice during the opening dance sequence (the charm!) when Garnet and Pearl do their almost-tango thing, the pose against the wall is echoed later by Kevin. But where Pearl feels electrified and safe by Garnet, Stevonnie feels attacked by Kevin. It's a story about trust. Connie trusts Steven enough to dance in front of him on the beach in the first place. It's about being mindful of who you are vulnerable in front of, but also redefining your vulnerabilities.

I love love love the shot of the kids' shoes (and Connie glasses, I think?) set aside on the beach, and the closeups during their dance and later of Stevonnie of their bare feet. Attention is called to it during the moment when Stevonnie compares her foot to Steven's tiny sandal. (Oh my gosh, is Steven really that tiny and squishable? Do they sell plush Stevens?) I'm a total sucker for bare feet symbolism. Most often it's about things happening to the barefooted character(s) on a sacred ground, or in a special place. In this case, that special place is just with Steven. Because it's the only time Connie can outwardly be who she has become after befriending him.

Also, Steven is soooo smoooooth. Damn, kid. Damn. Where'd you get that from? Your dad??

You all have made me a Garnet-is-a-fusion believer as well. From back when I first said "hey I should watch this show" and then didn't for like, a year, I thought Garnet was the best space mom, and this episode clinches it. Garnet is best space mom. Pearl is cute and all, and she's compelling, but Garnet for Space Mom 2015.

Sour Cream's chiptunes rave was sweet. I like the implication that he's kind of a nerd and really pretty accepting of new people. In "Lars and the Cool Kids" we saw Sour Cream as a pretty nice guy and since then he's continued being a surprisingly believable teen, for being also rather odd looking and named, you know, after one half of a flavor of dip. He's gotta be the most normal member of his whole family.

Pearl says something about how Steve is an organic lifeform, implying that the Gems are somehow not? I've always figured it was the ol' silicon vs. carbon based lifeforms thing, but this implies something different. I think? I'm not up on my contemporary magical alternate reality chemistry.

Steven's got a replacement smartphone! Who pays his bill? Its interface seems iOS-like. YES WE MUST KNOW IF STEVEN USES APPLE OR ANDROID SHUT UP.

This universe has diamonds and snakes on their money so I'm willing to bet that Apple and Android are something reminiscent but ultimately different. Peach or Punchcard!
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I like the implication that he's kind of a nerd and really pretty accepting of new people. In "Lars and the Cool Kids" we saw Sour Cream as a pretty nice guy and since then he's continued being a surprisingly believable teen, for being also rather odd looking and named, you know, after one half of a flavor of dip. He's gotta be the most normal member of his whole family.

I agree! Which is pretty amazing considering how little screen time he's gotten. If Adventure Time can get away with Five Short Graybles episodes then Steven Universe can spare time to shine the spotlight on its developing side characters. I think Powerpuff Girls, a show that was no stranger to clever gimmick episodes*, once had an episode that followed a side character around, while the Girls were fighting some monster in the background in scenes. That kind of thing would be fun to see here.

On Garnet vs. Pearl, I still favor the latter, but it's not because Pearl is the best, but because she tries hard, makes mistakes (For Gems those can be really big ones. Pearl: "I almost got us killed!" Steven: "I'm used to it."), but is also the most affectionate towards the guy. Remember the episode where she revealed she liked to watch Steven while he sleeps sometimes, "and by sometimes I mean often?" Total Mom behavior, kind of unsettlingly so actually. Also, of the three, we actually haven't seen Garnet interact with Steven that much.

Pearl says something about how Steve is an organic lifeform, implying that the Gems are somehow not? I've always figured it was the ol' silicon vs. carbon based lifeforms thing, but this implies something different. I think? I'm not up on my contemporary magical alternate reality chemistry.

This is cleared up a bit by hints dropped in So Many Birthdays, Steven The Sword Master and An Indirect Kiss, which reveal that, to an extent, the Gems' bodies are illusory. They can be damaged, and destroyed, but they can also be dismissed, and regenerated (over a period of time). And, of course, there's fusion. They really are their gemstones. This is why they don't need to breathe, eat or sleep, and why cracking their gemstone is so dangerous to them. But it seems that over time they maybe have become accustomed to having bodies: they feel pain, Amethyst doesn't need to eat but does so anyway and loves how food going through her body makes her feel, it takes them a long time (weeks) to regenerate after fatal injury, and they engage in many of the little rituals of corporeality, like adopting human gestures, having rooms to live in, etc. And if they're not truly physical, why does Pearl blush so often, how does that work?

But many of these things, we don't know if Steven can do them. He's never retreated into his gem. If a Gem's body is ultimately a projection, then why does Steven need to eat, sleep and breathe? How can a half-organic, half-projection being be? I get the feeling that the reality of Steven's existence, the details of his origin, is a lot more complicated that just "One day Rose and Greg had sex," especially since Word Of God is that Gems don't even reproduce naturally.

* ASIDE: An example of those gimmick Powerpuff episodes, probably the most gimmicky of the lot and this is from a show that had villains form a super group called the "Beat-Alls," which were driven apart by a shrill lady-monkey, is.... There was once an episode where the PPGs are struggling throughout to solve riddles set by Him, who threateningly intoned at the start that if they failed that, of their father-figure, "Professor Utonium will PAY!" Him dragged out the whole omnipotent bag of tricks: shapeshifting, size-changing, teleporting, creating improbable situations out of thin air, etc., throughout the city of Townsville. And previous episodes had established Him as the girls' most capable threat. This was a half-hour episode instead of shorts. At the end the girls fail his toughest test, causing him to cackle and mock, then leaves suddenly, so the girls rush to find the Professor, fearing for his safety. But it turned out that Him was running a breakfast restaurant where Professor Utonium was eating, and he had bet that the girls could solve his riddles and the stakes were the cost of the food. Utonium at the end throws the money down on the table and says: "It's okay girls. I mean, His pancakes were good but they weren't that good! I'm going to the diner across the road, c'mon girls." Him (anxious): "Wait! I need the business! Come back!" Him chases P. Utonium out the door. The girls are left blinking dumbly at the camera. Cue announcer: "AND SO ONCE AGAIN THE DAY! IS!... OH... um... er... yeah."
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I was looking around the Reddit discussion for this episode, and it seems Sour Cream's DJing system is an accurate setup.
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Hmm, I have missed out on the Garnet-is-a-fusion theory. What kind of evidence do we have for that?
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Garnet has two gems, and the others only have one; she has an extra body part, a third eye, like the other Gem Fusions have multiple arms and stuff; and she was uncharacteristically enthusiastic about Steven being able to fuse.
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There's a huge list of all the evidence (and, uh, then some) here, but in brief, the stuff that isn't sort of bananas: Garnet has two gems, one on each palm, with different cuts, where Amethyst/Pearl/Rose/Steven/Lapis/(probably) Peridot all only have one. The only other Gem we've ever seen with two was Opal, a fusion.

So the temple door is a five-pointed star, and each Gem other than Garnet accesses their room by lighting up one-fifth - but when Garnet opens the door she lights up two points, one for each gemstone on her hands. All the door points correspond to the actual primary colour of the Gem, again except for Garnet's; one of the two she activates is blue, and the other is redder than Garnet's near-magenta. Also Garnet has three eyes, much like other fusions have extra arms: a red one on the same side as the red gem on the temple door, a blue one on the side with the blue gem, and a middle one that's a purple right between those colours.

The theory is there were originally five Crystal Gems, one for each point of the temple star, and for some reason two of them either wanted or needed - due to injury or damage or whatever - to stay fused long-term and effectively formed a new permanent self in Garnet. Why she wouldn't have four arms like Sugilite and Opal is a question; maybe one or both were badly damaged or corrupted, or who knows, maybe one was physically less-humanlike in the first place, like Peridot's detachable hologram-generating fingers. Garnet certainly seems way more physically powerful than the other two - maybe on a level with Opal from what we've seen - whereas Sugilite is hugely powerful, seemingly much more so than Opal, as might make sense for a three-Gem fusion rather than a two.

Oh! It's tenuous but there's pre-production art of the temple around (by Guy Davis of BPRD/Pacific Rim Kaiju designs/lots of other art things fame!), and it's basically identical, except that it has ten arms to the final version's eight: nothing from the early art is necessarily canon, but if it's still intended to represent a fusion of all the Gems (and it's pretty damn likely it is; Alexandrite looks a hell of a lot like it would if you took the Rose parts out), that would really strongly imply it's meant to be a fusion of five individuals, not four. It's just that one of them doesn't contribute a pair of arms in the final version, for some reason.

When Alexandrite de-fuses in Fusion Cuisine, there's a brief shot of Pearl and Amethyst's super-recognisable silhouettes next to a weird shape with Garnet's gems, which almost looks like it could be two Amethyst-sized individuals connected together. There's just as much chance it's only an interstitial frame, but it'd be cool if it was a(nother) bit of foreshadowing.

Good grief I am a nerd about this.

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Fine by me emmtee, at least I'm not the only one geeking out about it! When I broached the issue in my recaps of earlier episodes I wasn't aware that there was already a substantial fan theory about this floating around, dating back to at least October.
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That screenshot that emmtee posted is the icing on the "Garnet is a gem fusion" cake, as far as I am concerned. I'm 100% sure that she's a fusion.

Uh also this episode was amazing.
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Another significant bit of info: at the beginning of the episode, Pearl and Amethyst are talking about how fusion is really hard, and Garnet says "Not for me."

BEST episode.
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Maybe it's because it's only 11 minutes but it seems a unique choice to spend so much time on the emotional ramifications of becoming a fusion. A lot of shows would have had them fight a monster in the 3rd act or something.

I feel like it's at least partly a puberty metaphor? Like suddenly your voice is changed and you've outgrown your sandals, and hey now you can go to the cool teenager party but you're going to get some sexual attention that you aren't sure how to respond to just yet, and you're going to vacillate wildly between being feeling completely awesome and incredibly self-conscious.

But as Mizu said, there's also a lot on the themes of trust and comfort which can be their own thing.
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"You are not two people. You are not one person. You... are an experience! Make sure you're a good experience! Now... GO... HAVE... FUN!!"

I loved this whole episode so very much. <3
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