Westworld: Well Enough Alone
July 4, 2022 12:53 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

I heard a fly buzz when I died.
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I, for one, am very excited to see what they do with Gangsterworld.
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what even is Maeve's motivation at this point? are we still on "be reunited with my daughter"? she doesn't seem fond enough of humans to want to stop Halores to protect them (yet that's what she's doing)

also very happy to see Clementine coming back
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Maeve has accepted the loss of her daughter and her motivation now seems to be just "I'm going to fuck Halores plan up", which is fine by me.
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When Christina was walking up to the hospital, I noticed how (almost) red her hair looked. Then when we saw the construction crew, there was a flash of a person with very similar hair. Christina 2?
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Hi Jack Coleman! And welcome back, Clementine!
You know, a fun meta, would be Maeve or Dolores Christina realizing they're in a science fiction show and plotting their escape.
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I think the sort of unfair challenge for the writers is that they kind of _have_ to pull the reoccurring reused host gags - the dude hunting Maeve in the 1st episode and the hostess on the train this episode - but it's unfair to the the audience to expect them to remember actors who were in a brief scene four (s2) or six (s1) years ago.

I mean, it's a central concept to the series, but man if it isn't Clementine who is both distinctive and was enough of a regular in the first two seasons, it needs to be much more recent host reuse for it to be shocking or exciting or "hey, wasn't that a different character in the game?" or whatever.
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it's true... they should work that into the subtitles
[Elise host... last seen in s2e10 - killed by Hale]
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Like Pop Up Video. Which is more fun to imagine than comic book style
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