What We Do in the Shadows: The Grand Opening
July 20, 2022 9:56 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Opening night of Nadja's vampire nightclub is threatened when the big musical guest cancels.
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"Eat that bitch! Eat that bitch!"
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Fred Armisen is really hit or miss for me, and his appearance in Toast of Hollywood gave me a feeling of dread when he appeared here.
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Nadja really had some lines this week.

“What happened to the visionary who wrote For My Corpsefuckers / My bloodsuckers / Drain a fourtop / at the Fuddruckers

“Vampires have always loved child novelty acts. I mean, who knows why. Some say they are transfixed by the youth and innocence they themselves lost long ago. Others just love how creepy and exploitative it is.”
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Freeze-frame on Colin's YouTube channel

And Colin's actual YouTube channel along with Guillermo's
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I love the fact that they are making no attempt to have Mark Prosch's face on a child's body be anything other than creepy and unsettling, and in fact seem to be gleefully leaning into it

The djinn subplot was also extremely good! Based on her reaction, Mrs. Fedora immediately recognized the wish as it was granted, which was fun
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I love the djinn being so absolutely deadpan.
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Musical theater is the lowest of all entertainments. It's a gutter pantomime, performed by half-wits with painted faces, enjoyed by lower wits.
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After Nadja's recitation of Richie Suck's lyrics, I was really hoping we'd see his performance. I thought they were actually pretty good! Pairing Nadja and the Guide was fun too. "What is jazz?"

But, for me, the child Colin saying "Guess what?" before every conversation, Laszlo trying to be patient. Man, that was written by someone who's put hours in with a kid recently.
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If you'd told me that this episode would have a wish-granting genie and he'd be one of the best side characters ever I'd have been deeply skeptical. Incorrectly.
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Oh man, teenage Colin is going to be unbearable, can't wait.

Laszlo saying Colin has to stay in the dumpster until he kills x number of rats (maybe 5?) and then opening the dumpster to find Colin gleefully looking at old Playbills while covered in rats, lol. Kudos to Laszlo for coming around to his inability to force Colin to be the protege he wants relatively quickly though.

I had never heard of knolling, so that was educational.
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Huge props to The Guide for refusing to be a snitch or a cop, even in jest.
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Fred Armisen is really hit or miss for me

I know what you mean. At times this felt like Fred Armisen doing a Fred Armisen-Character (tm).
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He was amazing in Kimmy Schmidt.
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Armisen is only tolerable for me, when I don't immediately recognize him.
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as a child-free person, I totally got "energy vampire" from the relentless kid talk. Love this show
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