The Rehearsal: Scion
July 23, 2022 8:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Nathan allows an Oregon woman to prepare for motherhood by simulating the experience of raising a child from zero to eighteen.

Part one of (??), featuring a host of ethical issues (!!), a fair number of weird and unexpected elements, including:

-Child actor labor laws
-Divine numerology
-A fake bar replica Nathan transported from NY to Oregon

as well as some of the the normal beats of a Nathan production:

-A person whose core issue Nathan's plan only barely addresses
-Unnecessary conflict derived from overly elaborate, bizarre attempts to solve minor problems
-Nathan leverages the show to seek an intimate personal relationship with one of its participants
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I stopped watching E.1 half-way, so I could restart and watch it with my partner. We watched it last night and I'm in.

I assume there's sustained discussion out there re: motivations with this series? All I know is, more than most stuff out there I'm watching, I'm laughing and cringing, but wondering: what am I watching and why do I watch
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I got my wife to watch this which was surprising because cringe stuff hurts her. She just looked at me and said, "I know people like that guy." about the Christian dude.
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She just looked at me and said, "I know people like that guy." about the Christian dude
Right when you posted that I looked and it was 12:14.
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That dude's brother was on Twitter talking about how his brother is dangerous haha. Robin also fails to mention that the 100 mph accident he got in his Scion TC was when he was running from police, additional context for no plates or license.
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God that one date where she’s talking about extra-biblical texts and her date can’t even look at her; he looks like he’s trying to will himself to teleport out of there.

In a way it’s refreshing to see someone for whom there is no mystery why they are single.
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Robin also fails to mention that the 100 mph accident he got in his Scion TC was when he was running from police, additional context for no plates or license.

Correction: while he was running from the police another driver indicated that he wanted to race, and so Robin rose to the occasion.

Also, I just now realized that this episode was called Scion not just because the rehearser is looking for a scion for her family, but also because Robin won't stop bringing up his Scion TC crash.
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I’m not sure how to politely describe Angela and Robbin, but it is pretty delicious to get some insight into how misguided they are. It makes me wonder how many people I see every day that might be similar, but I don’t have that extra minute of interaction to pick up on it. I also really enjoyed that failed date where the guy was clearly thinking that no taco is worth this discomfort.
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One of the most fascinating moments is when he proposed co parenting with Angela and she looks skeptical, then says she has to pray on it. Then he mentions he is in a position of power in their relationship, ostensibly to encourage her to make her own decision despite that dynamic, and she immediately agrees to it.

I also hope we get more insight into the parents as the show continues. It is interesting to watch mostly that one mom keep agreeing to stuff. Presumably she didn’t have insight into most of the Robbin stuff that happened in other places. And maybe there is a really reassuring producer or something managing the parents. I feel like it is a really weird thing for parents to do, especially with babies, but clearly safeguards are in place, and the whole magical thing couldn’t happen without people willing to sacrifice their children for it.

Though it is secondary to me, the pastiche of dramatic tropes is great: the swelling music during the first baby swap, the “Hard cry.” instructions, etc.
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The people in this show seem fairly indifferent to the amount of effort going on ostensibly on their behalf. That is, if I’m honest, the part that hits me the hardest. Which is why I can’t help but imagine there are a bunch of hidden agreements that say stuff like “you’ll pretend this is completely normal OK”, and/or very tricky editing. But I also accept that many or most people would just shrug and go, “yeah sure, pay a bunch of attention to me please, I don’t even care how I come off”. Then there are people like me who would rather get in a barrel with eels.
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Angela and Robin are a pair of people I'd have pushed off a cliff twenty years ago, but these days, I just pity them intensely.
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