Motherland: Fort Salem: All Of Season 2
August 3, 2022 2:24 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Conflicts and alliances among the military, civilian oversight, new enemies, and witch society further emerge and roil our characters. Streaming on Hulu and some other services in the US. This season includes an in-universe TV ad, the introduction of nonbinary witch M portrayed by nonbinary performer Ess Hödlmoser, a mystical mycelial network, battles, romance, and the scenery-chewing villain Alban Hearst, portrayed with glee by Bob Frazer.

Figured I'd put this up now; the 3rd and final season is in the process of streaming now and will get to its finale this month, I believe.
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Just don't start here, scifi/alt universes are my norm but starting with this season was the most confusing show I'd ever run into. It sort of held together well but so many assumptions (that made total sense after I'd watched the first season and re-watched) could not make head or tails about what it was about.

And where did this even come from? Will Farrell is and executive producer, yes that Will Farrell, not known for sff fantasy alt universe. Really very cool to have a non-marvel-disney show without clear ties to any other "universe", it seems totally new imagined whole cloth, even the credit opening (which is cloth based).

Very worth watching, especially if sff/alt is of interest.
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Oooooh is “witch” in this sff world another name for “cyborg,” as in the Cyborg Manifesto?
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Will Farrell is and executive producer

I think Will Farrell is a co-owner of the production company. Another of the many executive producers is Amanda Tapping (Colonel Samantha Cater of Stargate) who is now a busy director. I kind of think "Executive Producer" at this point is like when a company hires famous people to be on the board of directors: the name recognition opens doors for the production. I know Gene Roddenberry's son is listed as an Executive Producer on Star Trek: Discovery (along with twenty other Executive Producers!), and in interviews I've read with him, he seemed to barely even know what Star Trek was.

I tried to watch the first season of Motherland and frankly gave up. It seemed real depressing. I would love to see something like a Witches vs. UFOs where a subculture of witches comes out of hiding to battle aliens who already defeated the regular army, and kick their ass.
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I watched the seasons as they came out and, as with a lot of this sort of thing, found the worldbuilding more interesting than the teen angst/romance portions. I think if it were not for the intro sequence slowly layhing out the alternate time

By the end of season two, I was still trying to figure out what the "Cession" was. (For those who are reading this post before watching the show I refer you to the alternate map of the USA from the opening credits. (I continue to wonder about the logistics of making the land surrounding the Mississippi deeply restricted territory. How does interstate trade work, especially as this was presumably done before air travel?)

I can't say it stops being depressing but the story does eventually give you more to chew on than the Spree. This is good because I also never quite got a handle on what the Spree were trying to accomplish. Their plan seems to be Step 1: Commit Atrocities, Step 2: ???, Step 3: profit!! I completely get what they object to, I just don't see how what they are doing is addressing their issues in any way. The Camarilla at least have a comprehensible motive in the form of plain old racism and their actions follow from that.
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