Agatha Christie's Poirot: After the Funeral
August 3, 2022 7:19 PM - Season 10, Episode 3 - Subscribe

At Richard Abernethie's funeral his niece, Cora, suggests he was probably murdered. The next day Cora is murdered herself, so Poirot interrogates the family to find her killer.
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Apparently the original was set post-ww2 and they moved it to the 20s-30s like the rest that were set later. The wedding cake scene was that felt for a totally foreign culture. Not only shipping the cake, but then it being normal for her to eat some. I get it having now read up on the practice, but to me I was like she's for sure faking and guilty.
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Not only that, but it was fruitcake. Everyone knows that you don't actually eat fruitcake.

But for me, it was the amount of time she was on screen --and this story had a lot of characters-- and when I see a female character with no make up and appearing very mousy, I always wonder what she'd look like in full on face and hair, and of course there was a character like that... So the switch I figured out but the motive, since it was all about forged wills and missing estate papers, eluded me unless one of those paintings was an undiscovered Renoir. I was also distracted by all the nuns. One thing this series seems to do is, during Poirot's final roundup of the suspects, he rattles off a lot of secrets/motives that come out of nowhere whereas in the books, enough hints are dropped if you go back and reread it. The mother's affair, the actress's trip to that hotbed of abortionists, Camden Town, the cousins' (!!) liaison (were they actual cousins? the introduction at the beginning was so rushed). I also found the geography annoying obscured, how close were these houses that they always seemed to be popping over but then the original siblings/spouses hadn't seen each other in 20 years.
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