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What are everyone's thoughts on having a "Best of" thread every 3-4 months, like use Special Events or something and someone can just go through and kind of pick out things. This would require no additional coding and can be kind of subjective since we don't have ratings. I go through periods where I watch a ton of television and movies and then I get busy and missing things like "Severance" which was great. Not a definitive guide or anything but people could comment if things they think are missed, etc. Just a casual thing?

Again not trying to make this a Big Deal but the interface doesn't allow me to say "What are the top rated movies in the last 6 months" because we don't have ratings and we can't filter by that. Maybe it could be in the form of free threads like "Hey its October what are the best thing you've watched in the last six months and what are you looking forward to?" Or it could be monthly point being there's no real way to do roll-ups here and I don't think this could hurt anything.
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Personally, I would love this if it is both automated and/or curated - I get most of my visual media recomendations from a combination of FanFare and jwz "Recent Movies & TV" posts
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People don't seem to read FanFare talk, perhaps I will post it to Metatalk?
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I have been on Metafilter for one million years and I don't know how to get to Fanfare Talk. I'm only here from your link. Help me out: what's the URL for the Fanfare Talk RSS feed?
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Ah, never mind, found it! Well, that would be embarrassing to someone else.
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I love this idea!
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