I Am Groot: I Am Groot
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I am Groot. [translation: A series of shorts on Disney+ apparently taking place between the credits scene in Guardians in the Galaxy that shows the "new" Groot in a small pot and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 where Baby Groot is fully mobile.]

I am Groot.

[translation: The individual episodes, about 5 minutes apiece, are: "Groot's First Steps", "The Little Guy", "Groot's Pursuit", "Groot Takes a Bath", and "Magnum Opus". All episodes are written and directed by Kirsten Lepore.]
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I am Groot. [I am appalled at how effectively baby Groot was apparently reverse-engineered from my idea of cute by a cynical industry. And yet...]
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I am Groot.
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I am Groot.
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I am Groot. (I'm sort of trying to figure out how these "work" as standalone episodes in a streaming landscape, as opposed to just getting tacked onto other D+ Marvel TV shows as bumpers / trailers / etc.)
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I am Groot
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*We* are Groot.

(The Baymax! series that dropped earlier this year is similarly 6x 10-minute-ish episodes and feels similarly weird as a standalone; if you like the first episode (we did! it's cute!) then you're almost certainly going to binge the rest of them in one shot. I think this kind of show is maybe best described as a tasty snack?)
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Are we not Groot? We are Groot.
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I am chia Groot.
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