Romeo Must Die (2000)
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Two warring gang famlies, both alike in dignity, In fair Oakland, California, where we lay our scene. Starring Jet Li, Aaliyah, and bone-crunching X-ray vision.
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The masking of the shoot location was very slapdash.

I thought that Jet Lee and Aaliyah had negative chemistry.
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Oh yeah they had zero chemistry. I am wracking my brain, but has he ever played the romantic lead in a film? I think it just isn't in his wheelhouse.
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'The One' but that was very very chaste, even though his bad guy was very very bad.

I've not seen it in forever, but 'Swordsman II' is supposed to be romantic.
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I vaguely remember the Behind-The-Scenes interview clips from the DVD and Jet Lee being pretty upfront about his discomfort with romantic scenes. The Hong Kong movie scene of the 90’s didn’t have the requirement for romantic subplots like American movies did/do.
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