The Librarians: And the Loom of Fate
January 18, 2015 7:05 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

When DuLaque changes the course of fate, Baird begins moving through alternate timelines that reveal the changing destinies of the librarians.
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Well, everyone guessing that DuLaque was Lancelot du Lac was right, good call. Highlight of the episode for me was Baird's nope-ing it off the screen in reaction to Stone's kiss.

And now they've set themselves up to be able to do either the tv-movies or a second season. I wouldn't mind seeing what they could do in a season with a reasonable amount of pre-production time instead of what they did for S1 (5 weeks from green-light to start of filming, breaking & writing episodes before major roles were even cast).
posted by oh yeah! at 8:04 PM on January 18, 2015

Yeah that was very satisfying as a wrap-up. My only grump with it is that I'm not a huge fan of the alternate realities this-is-the-best-possible-world scheme. The formerly-LITs choosing to stick together and looking like a good bunch together was nicely done and Librarian Prime and his Guardian heading off for adventures was a nice way to set things up for any possible directions future things might head.

I wonder who is contracted for what should a pick-up happen?

"Quiet. I'm doing math."
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Another four-letter swear in this one, presumably explaining why it was show after the 9pm watershed.

That aside, anyone catch the Stargate call out? Something like "Of course, there has been work on zero-point energy and the pyramids before..." :-)
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I thought the pyramid line was a call-out to the 1st Librarian tv-movie, when Flynn defeated the villain with some pyramid-physics-fu.
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Given Devlin's involvement with both Stargate The Motion Picture and the Librarian movies it is probably both at once.

My favorite call-out of the season was LeFay's "Science, it works" call and response.
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Another four-letter swear in this one, presumably explaining why it was show after the 9pm watershed.

John Rogers, in the Q&A on his blog, talking about episode 7:
We are actually allowed to swear once an episode. We don’t (and we won’t) do it all the time, but we though we’d see how it went. It seemed like the right spot.
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Just announced: they were picked up for a second season.
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