Agatha Christie's Poirot: Third Girl
September 7, 2022 12:56 PM - Season 11, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Poirot is approached by a young heiress who tells him that she may have killed someone, and when her childhood nanny is found dead, it seems as though she is telling the truth. However, Poirot uncovers a conspiracy rooted in a tragic family history.
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Solid! I thought the Frances Cary character was well played, but also super vicious. Unified Agatha Christie killer theory here, but it's intense how far things fall once the first domino goes, her killers don't even seem to think twice about destroying someone's mental state. There's a lot of suicidal references and even staging here that was pretty disturbing.

I did enjoy Poirot's affrontment at being called too old, and then the funny scene where the concierge who's a fan says he read her book a bunch and still doesn't know who done it. Small touches here are great, solid effort.
posted by Carillon at 4:14 PM on September 7, 2022

I had trouble with the presentation of the events. Third girl arrives and says she thinks she's murdered "someone". Then we learn the victim lived in her building. And several scenes later we learn the victim was her nanny. Much, much later we learn that although she was the "third girl", her family's company owns the flat and the flat of the nanny. I know the writers have to obscure clues but all of this could've been explained at the start. It really didn't have bearing on the mystery. Then the head mistress, who knew that there was an imposter, was allowed to live, I guess because she didn't care? but it was never explained how she was able to get the money to start the school. If the great-uncle bought her silence when she got pregnant, it wasn't very nice of her not to tell him about the imposter. I have more quibbles but that 20 minutes of exposition at the end wore me out. They really should've written Ariadne Oliver into more of these shows. The mystery of the nature of love and great lost books: Crime Fiction Writers, A Critical Analysis by Hercule Poirot, the Celebrated Detective.
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Yes Ariadne Oliver is great and Zöë Wanamaker paid the character so well. I was going to say last time she showed up that I can't believe how slight her presence is in the series, I feel her impact vastly outperforms the limited presence.
posted by Carillon at 8:49 PM on September 10, 2022

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