Resident Alien: Harry, a Parent (Season Finale)
September 8, 2022 5:39 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

After losing the Alien Baby, Harry learns which alien race is on Earth. It's not what he expected.
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I enjoyed Asta calling bs on Harry bs-ing about portals.

But poor Asta. "As a doctor, smoke more." indeed.

They've kept the title cards fresh over all this time!

"Oh, my."
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"As a doctor, smoke more."

The timing on that comma was perfect to the microsecond.
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Pretty sure that wasn't the season finale. According to wikipedia there's 3 more episodes coming (which makes sense since i think season was split into 2 8-episode parts).
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You are absolutely correct, kokaku, there is ep14 and ep15 remaining. Hurray!

edit: and Seaon 3 has already been renewed!
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People would always ask me, after they found out I was adopted, if I wanted to meet my birth parents, and since it was the '60s and '70s, there was still a lot of weirdness and stigma around adoption. I was somewhat interested in my bio-mom and potential siblings I might have, but not interested enough to try to do anything about it (I'd have to sue the state for my records, for instance, back then). But from what little I knew about my bio-dad, he sounded like a complete dick, so I was always like, Hell no. All I want is to know about inheritable illnesses.

THIS is why I felt like it'd be better not to know. Man, this was just one big ouch. My heart just broke for Asta. I'm so glad she has people who love her surrounding her.

I'm glad Darcy finally introduced Elliot to people and called him her boyfriend; I like him SO MUCH. But I feel like we're heading into an addiction disaster storyline with her, and that's bumming me out. I want those two crazy kids to make it.
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