American Horror Stories: Lake
September 11, 2022 1:05 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

A woman returns to the site of her son's disappearance in search of closure.
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This kinda sucked. As happened several times throughout the course of this series, an ostensibly cool premise -- a haunted underwater town! -- quickly resolved into something less interesting, more boring, and significantly cheaper to film than what we were first led to anticipate. I watched this via the basic Hulu subscription that comes free with my preposterously expensive cell service, and -- while this is surely not the fault of anyone involved in the production of this mediocre telefilm -- the streamer elected to flood it with what felt like nine hours of commercials, which I assure you did not make watching this any better. (One was a Fox News-esque ad for J.D. Vance [I, tragically, live in Ohio] in perhaps the most dramatic room misread I have ever seen vis a vis matching a political commerical to the likely audience of a show.) In any event, if you thought perhaps FX might want to save the best for last, they didn't. Oh, well.

I binged most of this season in a few days, and maybe a season 2 megapost would have been more fitting. If anyone else is actually watching this, I'm sure we can talk about the whole season below; I'm going to refrain from doing that here, just in case people are watching the episodes out of order. (Spoiler alert? You can; there is no narrative tie between any of the episodes I noticed, and I think only "Dollhouse" even references AHS.) My rankings, for what they're worth, as follows:

*Dollhouse: B
*Aura: B-
*Drive: B-
*Milkmaids: B
*Bloody Mary: A
*Facelift: D+
*Necro: A+
*Lake: C

I have no idea if Hulu will keep this going. It is, apparently, not expensive to make. I figured it was DOA after the wretched first season, but obviously the streamer saw potential. On the whole, that bet paid off; there are a couple of clunkers, sure, but I'll be back if it is.
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Lake was definitely laughably bad even for AHS. Read like if you gave an AI generator command to write the most basic ghost story possible. Ghost hurt person, oh b/c ghost mad at ancestors for bad thing ancestors have done and descendants benefit from. Good thing there was a comically quick to codeswitch to "evil" Dad to lay down a rant justifying his impending death lol.

Atlanta had a much better scary episode based around a town flooded after racist politics decide to screw over folks for money & hatred.
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