Critical Role: A Stage Set
September 12, 2022 9:31 AM - Season 3, Episode 32 - Subscribe

Bells Hells tinker with former friendships and robotic inner workings before returning to Paragon's Call, this time as newly minted members...
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I just realized I hadn't put this one up, so a week late but here it is.
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I just really wish, that someone had thought to give FCG a coin to eat while they had access to his inner workings. Would have been fun to watch Matt improv what happens to the metals that FCG 'ingests'
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I am usually pretty easy going and accepting of meandering RP in critical role, but that "let's get the ring" side quest kind of bugged me.

It seemed so ridiculous for them to go out into a dust storm like that! I usually like Laudna, but the whole thing seemed really overly forced.
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I was late and only caught the end of the final battle. Will watch the beginning later.

Am I right in assuming this was one of those 'maybe when your party of Level 7 characters encounters a Level 12(?) threat, having already used half their spell slots for the day, the correct response is Run Away' situations?

Or was it a DM call that they were going to have this fight like it or not?
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that "let's get the ring" side quest kind of bugged me

I really enjoyed that! Laudna is by leaps and bounds my favourite Ray character and probably the same can be said for Ashton/Jaffee. There seemed to be some murmurs about it at the table, but after the FCG examination/fishing expedition and two patented interminable CR strategy sessions, I thought it was a breath of fresh air. Or sandy air!
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Yep Ampersand in retrospect I revise my opinion of the ring side quest. Now that I have thought more about it, it reveals a side of Laudna we haven't really seen much before. Maybe a more Delilah-influenced persona?
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I liked the ring bit—I’ve only started following S3 but one of the big strengths of the cast seems to be their ability to take some initiative in making smaller scenes, and I really liked how playful they were in the shop, and the moment of Ashton and Laudna considering what they have in common.
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