The Handmaid's Tale: Morning
September 15, 2022 8:13 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

“June confronts the consequences of killing Fred. A scared Serena makes an unexpected decision.”

People are breakable. Serena has some thinking to do, but someone needs to pay for Fred’s death. Nick prefers his coffee with milk.
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(Went ahead and posted the first two episodes that dropped yesterday since they hadn’t appeared here yet, but if anyone else wants to post subsequent episodes, please feel free!)
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Laughed out loud at the "you can pay the fine online" scene. I'm still a little confused that no one got in trouble for firing a gun at the diner, although I don't blame the person shooting for being so pissed at June that she had to pop off. "Thanks for helping me salvage my own rapist, but no, I'm not going to help you get yours." Really, June?
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I appreciated that the fine for mailing the finger of someone like Fred was $88.
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The fine thing was so, so Canadian. (I am also Canadian.)
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