Parks and Recreation: William Henry Harrison
January 20, 2015 5:42 PM - Season 7, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Leslie continues to strengthen her case to turn Newport land into a National Park with the help of Andy, April and the Pawnee Historical Society, Ron continues to fight back Leslie with the help from Tom and Donna to bring on a Pawnee celebrity.
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The beef milk bit was inspired.
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Oh my lord, there's an actual Jug Band. Like I saw somewhere else that's an actual band in SoCal. Can't recall where though.

That museum was something else.

Ron is stooping low to endorse the Bloosh lady.
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I couldn't really believe this was actual network television. Harrison jokes and Tippecanoe and Tyler Too followed by the most bottley of bottle episodes, consisting almost entirely of two characters locked in a room together. I'm not saying I didn't like it or anything; I really enjoyed both episodes. But I'm kind of amazed this is was something that millions of people watched.
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A few years ago, They Might Be Giants recorded their own version of the Harrison campaign song that the jug band sings in this episode.
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As a Virginian, from the state known as the Mother of Presidents, I had to make a firm mental objection to Pawnee's radical theft of President Harrison. He was a Virginian by birth, gosh darn it. Then again, he did die almost immediately after office, a rather impolite thing for a Virginian to Indiana can have him.

Ah, Bloosh. After Ron's experience with his chair, one would think he wouldn't have even entertained the idea of seeing her. I concur, the beef milk was an incredible touch.

Poor Gary Jerry Larry Terry. I had thought him and Ben's friendship would have helped Ben to survive the history of the Notary Public.

April continues her search. Was I thrown off by Pratt's expression when she hugged him after his list speech? It seemed like he was worried or concerned, perhaps just not well acted? Besides, if Andy left April, Andy would have to die. That's a given.
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Harrison is buried in Ohio, so he's obviously ours!
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I enjoyed how the Grzzyl presentation was literally a string of popular buzzwords "Supermoon. Binge watch"
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