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The continuing adventures of Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang, and about fifty main characters at this point.
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I’m about halfway through, and it’s continuing to get moderately more ridiculous every season (and it started at preposterously ridiculous). Two new characters mined from the movies, but they’re scraping the barrel at this point, it’s the love interest and the secondary bad-guy from the third movie. Who even remembers these characters names?

Chozen is now Daniel’s live-in bodyguard/sit-com wacky neighbor (to be fair Yuki Okomoto is a really good comic actor).

Terry Silver is such a weird character, played with what I think is a valiant attempt to make sense of completely insane motivation (annoy Daniel Larusso?)

Miguel has a great new haircut.

They’re tapped out on movie nostalgia so now they’re starting to mine nostalgia from their own earlier seasons. At this point, the season 8 finale will be about reckoning with the events of the season 8 premiere. I’ll still probably be watching.
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I have watched all the episodes and can agree: it is 100% batshit at this point. Miguel spends a whole episode in Mexico looking for a guy named Hector and finds him! Mohawk grows it back! Improbable fights where the rules mean you can only attack one at a time! It’s grand and silly in a great soapy/Riverdale tradition.
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Daniel Larusso's milkshake is undisputed MVP of this canon, I'm convinced. He's collecting reformed ex-boyfriends* like a hobby.

*Fine, fine, men who want to ruin his ass**

**Same difference
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continuing to get moderately more ridiculous every season (and it started at preposterously ridiculous)

lol yeah. The cheese got turned up beyond 11. hah - kid running after a ball in front of a car.

Was the mariachi song the Antonio Banderas version? Lots of other "homages" to El Mariachi and especially Desperado.
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I enjoyed about five episodes of this. Surprisingly good. But by then the joke and novelty had played out for me and I stopped watching.
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For me, the shark jumping was in that season 2 (or 3?) fight where like 35 kids beat the shit out of each other in the high school Hong Kong actioner style without adult interference.

I mean, I shoved a kid once and the altercation was cut off in about four seconds. 30 years later in the school lockdown era? A full-on melee? Come on.
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It takes me a year to watch each season (while i subsist on gifs and recaps) because exactly, by season 3, it's a clearly deranged universe. I don't even know if the 'comedy' part of the project is such that I'm supposed to laugh hysterically everytime we get to any part of the world building where this is a place that runs on even more insane PvP rules than classic wuxia stories. Coincidentally I'm reading an English translation of The Legend of Condor Heroes and that's a saga that breaks into fights every 20 pages and it still makes more sense than this show.
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I realized watching this season that Cobra Kai isn't set in our 2022 doing a homage to 80s martial arts flicks. It's set in an alternate 2022 where the events of every 80s martial arts flick actually happened, not just the Karate Kid, and probably a few 90s ones too.

I'm not sure how it took me this long to notice.
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It takes place in an alternate reality where people really care about karate and all the seriousness and drama of 80s karate movies was real. Once you're on board with how ridiculous that premise really is it makes perfect sense that none of it makes any sense.
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Cobra Kai is anime.

I love it.
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It takes place in an alternate reality where people really care about karate

One of my favorite moments was Amanda introducing herself as “karate-adjacent.”
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This season was colossally dumb. It was fun but so many people were carrying the idiot ball every single episode, all in service of finding a way for there to be the required fight scene in each ep. Nice that it wrapped up alright. I feel like they can do this for, at most, 1 more season before it's completely just terrible.
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An alternate universe where not only do they care about karate, they cannot conceive of just .. walking away from the karate drama and having a non karate life. Even though they see people with non karate related lives who are happy and successful. Oh man I hope this goes at least another season!
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El Mariachi and especially Desperado

Saw the Top Gun thing in e04. Ah, I see, there are homages every so often. Cute.
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