City Lights (1931)
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A hapless but resilient tramp (Charlie Chaplin) falls in love with a blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill) on the tough city streets. Upon learning that she and her grandmother are to be evicted from their home, the tramp undertakes a desperate series of attempts to provide them with the money they need.

Written, directed, and produced by Charlie Chaplin.

97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming in the US on Criterion and HBO Max. Also available for digital rental on multiple outlets. JustWatch listing.
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These films are much odder than I think the "black and white physical comedies" label suggests.
posted by praemunire at 2:41 PM on September 26, 2022

I love love LOVE this movie. The boxing scene is some of the best physical comedy ever put to film, and the final recognition scene is so beautiful, it brings me to tears every time.
posted by Saxon Kane at 3:19 PM on September 26, 2022

This movie is incredible. Go see it now. The last scene once made me cry so hard that my landlady called to make sure I was okay.
posted by maddieD at 7:33 AM on September 27, 2022 [1 favorite]

I go back and forth on whether I prefer this or Modern Times in the Chaplin canon. Both are grand, but I have a soft spot for Paulette Goddard.
posted by drewbage1847 at 2:01 PM on September 27, 2022

I’d forgotten about this movie, and it’s so damn charming, and due for a rewatch. Probably a good one for my “expose the tween to more films” list.
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I have a soft spot for Paulette Goddard

That first close-up of her in Modern Times, when she looks up as she's throwing food to the other street urchins, makes me fall in love every time. Her eyes are so sharp and full of pure life.
posted by Saxon Kane at 1:02 PM on September 30, 2022 [1 favorite]

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