Taskmaster: Series 14
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Little Alex Horne (6'2") kicks off Season 14 by posting his interview with/analysis of Dara Ó Briain. The other contestants vying for the Golden Noggin are Fern Brady, John Kearns, Munya Chawawa, and Sarah Millican. The fourteenth series airs Thursday, September 29 through December 1, 2022, on BBC 4 (never mind on their goofy-named streaming service, Taskmastersupermaxplus). There's another series preview on their twitter channel. Who will win? Hopefully, the audience.
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I think you have BBC Four and Channel 4 confused.
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Wow, I had always thought Channel 4 was just shorthand or interchangeable with BBC4. Naw, apparently Channel 4 just has a terrible name haha.

As always, excited for new Taskmaster! Still have some eps from last series to catch up on now that I think about it.
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I've never heard a German accent anything like what I think I just heard in that interview/analysis.
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Haven't watched yet but very stoked about it.
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Does it seem to anyone else that, since the Covid seasons, Alex has been giving out a lot more clues an hints?
At times during the movie task, he was basically telling the players that they were close or off track.

No out of the box thinking at all during the toilet paper task. Just chuck it and hope.
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Yay so glad this is back! Only started watching this during the pandemic then have caught up on all 13 seasons since then (up to season 10 is on YouTube and the remaining ones on All4 work with a UK VPN) and I have been waiting for the new season.

Dara Ó Braian is a comedy legend but I love Sarah Millican, and Munya Chawawa is hilarious, definitely worth a follow on Instagram if you don’t already.
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Does it seem to anyone else that, since the Covid seasons, Alex has been giving out a lot more clues an hints?

He was giving some more hints during the movie task but I don't know that I'd ascribe it to "since covid," my impression was more it was done on a basis of "how badly are they struggling" and "is it funny to watch them struggle." In the case where they're actually performing an action instead of just providing an answer I think the likelihood of flailing being fun to watch is higher. The other factor is that he may be giving hints to people who are doing the tasks later in the schedule because he has a sense of how the people who have gone before have done.
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No out of the box thinking at all during the toilet paper task. Just chuck it and hope.

If there was an out of the box method it would have hinged on Alex's willingness to fetch/the availability of extra stuff (like the water).
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If there was an out of the box method it would have hinged on Alex's willingness to fetch/the availability of extra stuff (like the water).

Sure, with having to stay on the circle, but Alex is often able or willing to fetch things and/or have something hidden to make the task easier.

I mean, maybe they cut it out, but I'd like to see someone try to have the toilet moved closer or get Alex to go retrieve the ones that missed.
Hell, even have someone spend 10 minutes sliding the spot down an escalator or something and then argue with Greg that they never came off the spot.
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...yep I do have BBC 4 and Channel 4 mixed up... it explains a lot, but also I can see them easily cohabitating the same area in my brain...
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Episode 2: In the early going, Dara is wonderfully affable and appears to be our Freakishly Good at Everything contestant. John Kearns has the sad sack affect of Joe Thomas and scores like David Baddiel, so of course I hate him. The others are all muddling around in the middle with high and low moments but they're all funny and trying hard, so I love them anyhow.

Sarah asking what a PS5 was then crushing Munya's soul with her cheerful, "Oh, for children!" made me laugh so hard.
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Episode 2 had the best live task at the end in a long time. Dara is too easy to like, and John is too easy to pity, but let it not be said that I never take the easy way.

Everything about episode 2 was better than 1.
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Fern's addition of pure chaos to each of the sentences in the live task was a beautiful thing.

"What wriggles ... in Greg's ..."
"What aircraft ... crashes most..."
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I didn't think the first episode was that great, but the second episode was hilarious. My stomach was aching from laughing during the live task. And Dara was in top form.
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Episode 3: I was wheezing at the team task. What a delight.
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Lengthy and hilarious outtakes from episodes one through three!
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Why are they sitting so close together?! This is so weird.
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Oh my god

“Catch.. people? Kidnap?!”
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I love the way Fern thinks. I was really hoping she would make Alex run and then try to catch him. Munya's attempt at the best catch was really the best throw--Alex showed some real skills there.

And the sabotage. Oh, how wonderful was that?
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Episode 4: That singing task was marvelous. Definitely the best thing John will ever do and the moment with Sarah was so sweet.
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The singing task was really fantastic. Good on Greg for telling off Sarah's ex. She sang really sweetly and her song was funny. The live task was really fun too, certainly better than last week's.
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Ok. that "Name the animals" task made me chortle.

V! V! V!
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Both Fern and Sarah using the first task to immobilise Alex then throw things at him killed me! 😂
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Somehow I find Fern Brady's objectively strained and grating voice, which is always at a growling yell, to be charming.
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Somehow I find Fern Brady's objectively strained and grating voice, which is always at a growling yell, to be charming.

NOT SCOTTISH-IST but she's like female shrek.
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I love her so much! Hadn’t heard of her before this season, her stand up is hilarious.
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For anyone who wants more of her stand up, there's a full special on youtube.
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Once again I start the season doubting I’ll like all the contestants. Once again I’m in love with each of them in their own weird way by mid series.
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Poor Fern!! Very strong prize task this week, the mental image of Dara’s turkey in the post was hilarious!
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I didn't know until this season that there is a Taskmaster podcast!! It's hosted by Ed Gamble and this season they have had John, Fern and now Dara on (as well as Chris Ramsey, Dave Gorman and Rose Matafeo).
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They just posted season two of Taskmaster Norway to the YouTube channel.
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John is growing on me as a Mr Bean sort of bumbler.
Don't get me wrong; he's still the worst and brings dishonour upon his clan.
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Acari, I 100% concur. I have gone from loathing him to being pretty amused by his antics. He is the saddest of sacks, but he's made me laugh more in the past couple of episodes than he did previously.
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John's go at the balls was glorious.
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E7: Absolutely classic from start to finish. Also, the enduring hilarity of The Knappett cannot be overstated.
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That feather task was one of the greatest team tasks ever. Alex's announcement at how long Sarah and Munya took almost made me cry laughing.
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I'm still cry-laughing at "power of a thousand ancestors". I wish they'd put in even more reaction shots, because it seemed like that moment broke everyone.
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Many good Fern-isms in this one, my favorite being, in the live task, repeatedly wishing she could lie down to help with the measuring.
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Poor John was just a millisecond late putting his team marker back on the Knappet and they lost. Devastating. Although not as devastating as John setting up the perfect string-to-string method to find his tail and pin it on the alluring tiger and then completely failing to find his feather boa and accusing the crew of moving it.

And hurrah for Munya's complete domination. From the seemingly daft new language to his pinpoint laser perfection, he was a champion.
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So glad Munya finally won an episode! And how did Fern not plan the blindfolded route at all 😂

I love this show so much, even watching from a sad mood it cheers me up!
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Some excellent lines in this last one:

"She's fictional, so that's okay" was delivered perfectly.
(about an alluring bunny)

"You're following this narrative where I don't have systems and just flounder around..."
(from Fern, who did not have a system and just floundered around)

"It's easier to look for your dad's hands than your own"

"And then you asked 'who invented right and left and what's it for'"

"A tape measure is meant to measure everything in the house!"
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This season feels like the first one where the contestants have definitely cottoned on to looking under the table.

So now I'm waiting for the task where the under-the-table stuff is a red herring, designed to lead them down the wrong path.

I'm glad someone got the laser pointer to work out in the hand task.
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The non-tiebreaker task at the start of episode 9 is wonderful.

On the podcast this week the guest (Greg Jenner) compared Munya to Buzz Lightyear circa Toy Story 1, absolutely convinced that when he yells "laser" he'll actually shoot lasers. It's perfect.
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Crying with laughter at the opening task! And so glad Fern won an episode.
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That first task made me cry so hard, especially Fern. The one-minute plays were amazing, but John Kearns got away with that one, I think. His play would have been nothing without Dara's amazing performance and the film noir setting. Fern's impression of Sarah was so hilarious and Sarah had some of the best in-studio one-liners ever: "It's the sort of thing I'd avoid at Endinburgh Fringe"; "Is there a chance that you killed someone's dog?"; "Well, firstly no, because me glasses were on the outside of me ping pong balls." And all of those to Munya. One of the best episodes ever.
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The finale was one of my favorite finales. The callback to the grape scissors (a prize from one of the prize tasks in an early season) was especially delightful.
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That was such fun! Definitely a top tier season.
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So so funny! Amazing that season 14 of a show can be one of its best. Fern is doing an AMA at 6pm UK time today.
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Oh my gosh this show!

* Fern's sigh looking out at the grapes!

*John managing to use the scissors while they were locked and Alex looking at the camera like "uh what!"

* I desperately want to know where all the other grapes were

* I was sure that Dara was going to have to pour beer on his helper and was very glad he had a kinder solution

* Sarah's and Munya's sculptures were pretty good! Hard agree tho that the 3-team had it more difficult

* There's no way that Fern's balloon hit Greg, ref is in on it

* Balloon game looks pretty fun
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I believe that Fern's balloon hit Greg, but I think Dara got away a little (not planned) help. Greg's legs were side by side when Fern hit him, but he'd crossed his legs by the time Dara had his last attempt and if he hadn't done that, Dara's balloon would have hit him too on that same left leg.

That said, this was a cracker of a final and the end of a spectacular series. The look on John's face after he'd opened the tin of chickpeas and THEN saw the grapes was so tragic and so hilarious.
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Fern Brady reflects on the importance of 'happy, positive' autistic representation on Taskmaster

(Brady talks in some of her standup about her recent autism diagnosis.)
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I’ve preordered her book.
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This did turn out to be a good season!
I think Munya is up there with Wozniak in the 'being a good teammate' competition.

Where were the rest of the grapes? I want a big compilation of all of the hidden clues at the end of every episode, or at least the end of the season. Ideally after each task.

I know they want to keep their secrets so that they aren't limited in future seasons, but come on.

I also want to see "how Alex would have done it" for each task.
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Alex Horne on the secret to his cult show Taskmaster: ‘It must be offbeat but not wacky, off-kilter but not bonkers’ [Guardian / Archive]
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I'd love to be a fly on the wall during an editing session to see how they find the right line between being sympathetic to the contestant while still allowing them to look like a complete goober.
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Jessamyn and I finally! finished watching the season so now I can look everyone up on wikipedia and see what else everyone else has been in.

I'd seen Mock the Week and dara's stand-up, so I knew what to expect and had a strong feeling about how he'd finish in the series. (I played shopping cart bocce the other day, too.)

And I've recognized Sarah Millican from here and there but don't know really anything about her except she's very recognizable. I'd never heard of Fern or Munya or John, so I'm gonna look for Fern Brady's stand-up next, and find a copy of the "Munya goes back and visits Zimbabwe" series, and I have no idea what John's been in so it's gonna be a wikipedia-lost-evening.

It's fun discovering a whole second-level of someone's work, e.g. seeing Daisy Mae Cooper appear in Avenue 5, and then watching her & her brother in This Country—only because of having seen them on Taskmaster. And there are so many talents of so many varieties, and their "TV" persona is sometimes way different from their realer selves you see during tasks, that you never know what you're going to find. I mean jeez, I'd probably never had heard of Acaster by now if I'd never watched this.

Oh and I got my 80-year-old mom high and showed her Taskmaster last time I visited THANKS TASKMASTER NERDS
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Munya’s Zimbabwe show is on Channel4.com with a UK VPN and Fern’s is on YouTube!
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If anyone wants to hear more from TM alums, Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast is worth a listen. The vast majority of TM people have been on it before. Fern, Josh Widdicombe & Paul Chowdhry most recently.
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Archive link for the Atlantic, fascinating to read a very American take on a very British show!
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