American Horror Story: Curtain Call
January 21, 2015 8:15 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The Freaks rebel against new management. Dandy prepares for his debut performance. Elsa arrives in Tinseltown.
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Already a strong contender for TV's WELL, THAT HAPPENED Awards for 2015.
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For all the season's flaws, I loved this ending. Dandy's karmic end was delicious — and having Evan Peters as a butler was a nice nod to Coven.

I'd seen it speculated that Edward Mordrake would come for Elsa on live TV, and so he did — with Elsa's blessing, no less — but still not quite the way I expected. Loved having "Life on Mars" and "Heroes" as bookends to the season, more or less. And a good end to Lange's run on the show.

The main thing I would have liked to have seen out of this season would have been more of Lange and Conroy on screen together. Although they've both been in all four seasons, only in Murder House and Coven did they have many scenes together. And they're so good when they're together. If they were ever on stage together I'd pay good money to see that. Seriously — Broadway producers, are you listening? — I would travel to New York just to see "Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy Read the Phone Book to Each Other."
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The narrative arc of this season can be summed up thus:

1. Elsa Mars wants to be a big star in Hollywood.
2. Some stuff happens, none of which matters terribly much.
3. Elsa Mars gets to be a big star in Hollywood, for reasons completely unconnected to #2.
4. Elsa Mars dies and goes to heaven.

Also, "I have this disease. It's in my lungs and it's spread to my bones." Yeah no one knew what cancer was in the 1960s. Good call, Murphy.
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I thought it was a very satisfying ending to an uneven but quite enjoyable season. The season took a few missteps and went down a few "huh?" paths but, hey, it's American Horror Story -- the show is always just barely holding it together under the weight of its conceits, melodrama, camp, performances that typically rise far above the source material, its kitchen-sink approach to the horror genre, and so on. I love it for that and the flair and bravado and sincerity with which it tries to pull it all off.

In this episode, I have to say that I really did enjoy the extended glimpse into Elsa's life in Hollywood, how sterile and unglamorous and cold it all seemed. I thought it made her return to the great freak show in the sky all the more poignant.
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I think the only moment in this episode I really loved was Angela Bassett eating popcorn while watching Dandy drown. That was perfect. (Also read my mind - as they were shown watching at first, I thought "someone needs to eat popcorn." Then it happened. Ha!)

I dunno, something about Dandy's shooting spree just put me right the fuck off. I just felt cheap and easy. And since it happens right at the start of the episode I really almost turned it off - I mean, ok, he just killed everybody what's left to fill this hour?
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I dunno, something about Dandy's shooting spree just put me right the fuck off. I just felt cheap and easy. And since it happens right at the start of the episode I really almost turned it off - I mean, ok, he just killed everybody what's left to fill this hour?

I was a bit torn. That was my initial reaction and then I thought that's exactly how Dandy would have done it. After thinking that, it felt to me like it had overtones of a scene from a war, like a massacre of civilians in a small town. I also thought the suspense in the trailer was well-done.
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I'm a pretty soft touch for "Heroes." A+ ending.
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I've been active in all the other AHS Fanfare threads, but it's nearly a week after the finale and I'm struggling to think of much to say about it. I kept waiting for the season to erupt in a cathartic maelstrom of craziness, and it never did. So I just have a sense of, "Well, that's done."

I think it might have been more interesting for Stanley and Dandy to have their comeuppances reversed.

Next season, I hope the actors really play against type. Jessica Lange and Evan Peters in particular play essentially the same character season after season. There are some rumors floating about that Lange will return, but I think the show would be better off with her taking a break, or at least being held back to a supporting role.
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I agree; AHS has done a good job of cycling through actors. Lange would rock in a surprise cameo or something next season. Or bring back some more Sister Mary Eunice McKee.
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I thought it was pretty good, just now having had the chance to watch it. Things got pretty rocky towards the end, and it felt like they never really knew what to do with any of the characters, so Dandy's shooting spree was just... eh. But overall about as good as could have been expected after the corner the plot was painted into.
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Sad AHS news:

The actor who portrays Meep on American Horror Story: Freak Show is in critical condition
after getting struck by a car while crossing a street in Hollywood Thursday night.

(I hope it's okay to post that here. Mods, please delete if it's not cool.)
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He died, sadly. :(
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