Jackass Forever (2022)
October 11, 2022 10:06 PM - Subscribe

After 11 years, the Jackass crew is back for another crusade.
posted by skycrashesdown (3 comments total)
I saw this when it came out in the theater because it was a sublime palate cleanser in the sense of guys getting hit in the nuts repeatedly is sometimes all you need in a capitalist hellscape.
posted by Kitteh at 6:08 AM on October 12, 2022 [2 favorites]

A decade ago these stunts made me laugh uproariously. Now they make me laugh and wince at the likely recovery time. Johnny, is it really worth it?
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I watched this last night after not having seen any Jackass for probably 15+ years, and found it.. weirdly heartwarming? Like they’re all so happy for each other when a stunt goes well, and genuinely concerned when it doesn’t, and so proud of the new cast members.
posted by skycrashesdown at 11:28 AM on October 12, 2022 [3 favorites]

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