Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Crime Reporting
October 12, 2022 2:03 AM - Season 9, Episode 25 - Subscribe

This week... protests by schoolgirls in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini after her arrest for violating hijab rules. And Now: Christopher Columbus: Kind of a Cool Guy (according to Fox faces). Main story: how crime is covered by the media, which is frequently sensationalist and leaves people with a sense that crime is a much bigger problem than it is, and can stoke fears of false problems like "rainbow fentanyl." It's often compounded by an unquestioning stance regarding police statements. On Youtube (26 minutes) And Now, finally: Another Installment of Local News Beat Poetry From NBC4 Washington's Pat Collins.

BTW, aside--Tucker Carlson's face in those Christopher Columbus clips look like someone turned his brain off.
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Vaguely relevant: from Mr. Show, Shake the crime stick!
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The great thing about that Mr. Show sketch is that it's based on a real guy; the real J.J. Bittenbinder objected to John Mulaney talking about him in his stand-up.
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Wow, that guy is some kind of paranoid. Someone rear-ends you? DON'T CHECK THE DAMAGE. STAY IN YOUR CAR. PUSH YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE UP AGAINST THE WINDOW. IF YOU DONT YOU WILL BE KILLED TWICE. And he's still in media! He's "Safety Specialist" on Good Morning America!
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