Interview with the Vampire: Is My Very Nature That of a Devil   Books Included 
October 19, 2022 4:22 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Louis grapples in a fight to retain some semblance of his humanity while struggling to identify the true nature of the identity of a vampire and the urges that come with it. Things escalate and soon take a turn for the worst.
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This show is still so, so good. The culmination of Louis' simmering rage was appropriately gruesome and spectacular, although I would have thought the subsequent fire would lead them immediately to Paris, and it seems that it doesn't.

As an aside, I didn't realize that was John DiMiaggio as the Alderman until I noticed his name in the opening credits this week. How about that!
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Well, there go the tapes! I presume Daniel has a cloud back-up.

Jacob Anderson is doing so much great work, here, while Sam Reid gets most of the showy, juicy stuff to play. The, "Of course. ...Of course. OF COURSE. Of. Course," moment was so hilarious. And I love the little details like the blood running from Lestat's ear when he mind-whammies all those soldiers.
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I think what's especially nice about Reid's performance is what we (who have read the books, I mean) know about Lestat's true nature: he's an orphan, a vampire dilettante whose powerful blood protects him but whose arrogance and bluster about the "true nature" of the vampire disguise the fact that he is, himself, practically a newborn. He does a fine job playing both sides of that line.

Although truthfully I would argue that Anderson gets the meatier bits; Lestat's character may be subtle and nuanced, but Louis is allowed to show real, raw emotion in a way that I've found pretty moving.
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this show is so fun!! I love that they do not hold back on the high drama or the straight up horror scenes. intensely engrossing, sexy, dark, a little bit silly. exactly as it should be.

also the architecture is KILLING me. those houses. in fact, all the art direction, costumes etc., really top notch. just adds to the whole esthetic experience.
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You guys. I haven’t been hit this hard by a show since Hannibal. I am really really enjoying all the changes they have made - I feel like they have added so many layers to the characterizations and the power dynamics and the motivations. I adore that they have made the romance between Louis and Lestat explicit and moreover, explicitly *queer*.

There are so many gif sets of the OF COURSE moment floating around that are just so perfect.

Also I saw someone photoshop that WELCOME HOME CHEATER banner into a still of Lestat at the piano with all those soldiers behind him. So good. So bitchy and jealous. Sam Reid is just killing it (pun intended) as Lestat.
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Thanks very much for posting this, uncleozzy. Confusion over air dates (AMC+ screens episodes one week before regular AMC) and busyness here forestalled my posting this episode. If I'm back on track, I intend to post episode 4 on its regular air date, assuming you don't get to it first.

To me the most touching points of Ep. 3 dwell on the vagaries of memory. As the interview progresses, both men constantly question their own history and past motivations. Memory is a story we tell ourselves, a tale that we re-weave at each recollection: how much more layered and complex must a vampire's memory be after more than a century? Picking apart a point in his story, Daniel suggests that it was raining the night Lestat stalked Louis, and so it becomes. Despite his obvious self-possession in the modern world, it's not clear that Louis is telling the whole truth even now, or that he is capable of doing so.
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Yes, Louis is most definitely an unreliable narrator, which becomes clear (at least in the books) once we get Lestat’s pov. I am so curious how that will play out on the show.
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I keep telling people about the Hannibal feels, too. We are not alone.

This series has revitalized my love of so many things I'd stopped doing for myself or just plain forgot. I'm also enjoying the podcast they're putting out every week- they have everyone from major characters to other genre writers. I also liked learning Anderson & Reid go out for ice cream together still.

To this episode: Sam Reid IS Lestat. I can't imagine what he'd need to do to screw that up at this point. he is hitting EVERY note. And Anderson (who also IS Louis) really got into Louis's cadence of despair in this ep.

I am still very nervous about the Daniel situation. I've read so much speculation online already. I feel like we're headed toward a season cliff hanger for him.
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> You guys. I haven’t been hit this hard by a show since Hannibal.

Between this and the Vox "be gay, do crimes" review, I'm starting to think I might need to see this...
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