Fanfare for video games?
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Is there interest in a fanfare subsection for video games?

Wanted to gauge interest in a fanfare subsection for video games. What would that look like and what would fit within the fanfare subsite?

Having a place to discuss games like Gone Home or the latest FPS would be welcome. What do you think?
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I know adding games would give me personally a lot more to talk about in fanfare, since i don't watch many TV shows. The problem is there's already a robust mefi-affiliated forum over at mefight club.
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Yeah, just hit Mefightclub. :)
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i don't care about shooters i just wanna yell about dragon age and tragically orphaned assassins
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I'm not playing as much as I'd like to be but I'd swing by on occasion to check out threads.
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I'd support this choice, but I think it needs to be thought about a bit. Games make the Blue on a regular basis, maybe that's a better place to talk about them?
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Man, I went over to Mefightclub and someone is already using my username.

I wonder if it's me.
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I've recently been playing the Game of Thrones and Walking Dead episodic games from Telltale and I'm looking at others like Life is Strange from Dontnod. These things are so cinematic and story-centric that it makes me think they might be a pretty good fit here -- after finishing the latest GoT episode just now Fanfare was the first place I wanted to go to see what others thought and compare notes.

I haven't spent much time on Mefightclub... do folks who are regulars there think Mefightclub would be a better place than Fanfare for discussion of episodic story-heavy games? Or is this something worth revisiting here?
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